Pink Hair Dilemma

I have pink hair, I love having pink hair and now I have a Dilemma. I have darkish roots so I have to bleach my hair every 6 weeks, to cover the regrowth, and the dye it all pink again. Now I was reading about bleach and pregnancy and like with most things it is not really something you can test so they say it is best to avoid until at least after the 1st trimester. I am on the 5th week of my hair growing out which means

1) That I bleached it once at about 2 weeks before I knew about the pinkgeek baby
2) That it is probably not a good idea to do it again this trimester if at all
3) If i was going to do it after this trimester then I would still have 5 weeks to go so I still need a solutions as to what to do with it now.

While I was forced to lie down this afternoon after falling asleep numerous times while trying to read a chapter of Alice in Wonderland to Rachel, while lying there I had a thought. Maybe if I dye the top a darker colour say Purple and then leave the tips pink I would avoid having bleach on my scalp and the purple is darker than the pink so should colour my roots too. And the dye I use is vegan safe and does not have any of the nasties that bleach would have.
What do you think?

Tried to find a picture on Google but can you believe that there is not an abundance of pictures of people with purple hair and pink tips.

9 thoughts on “Pink Hair Dilemma

  1. I think the idea of the purple roots with the pink tips is a great one. I have black dyed hair and didn’t dye my hair throughout my pregnancy right up until just before the birth. I felt I needed to have the hair looking reasonably good for the birth, so that I’d have at least a little bit of vanity intact for my first weeks of motherhood.
    purple and pink look great together and I’m sure you will feel much better having such a smart hairstyle for the duration of your pregnancy.
    I have a friend who has pink and purple hair and it looks really good on her.

  2. I like the purple and pink idea!
    I am desperate to colour my hair, think I will have to go to a salon, dont want to stuff it up myself… just need to find one that does henna or natural dye…

  3. I don’t know if it is fine to dye or tints one’s hair throughout a pregnancy – I however did not because I also heard that dyeing and tinting is not good. Perhaps call your hairdresser and find out from her.

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