Life happens when you are making other plans

* so we are pregnant, the decision has all been made and pinkgeek baby is here to stay. I am going to be keeping most of the baby stuff on the Pinky and the Geek blog so pop over there from time to time to see what we are up to as we journey from to having our baby. Hopefully I can get Geek to also blog regularly and it should be cool to see our very different points of view.
* I am really getting more settled in Cape Town and am making plans to get out more and to do stuff with the kids.
* I joined a home school group in Durbanville and am going to our first meeting this week Friday, they are also doing an Aquarium visit later this month which should be cool.
* Money, money, money there is just not quite enough to go around, was doing the budget last night and was feeling more and more despondent by the end of it – oh well, budget meal planning here we come.
* My boobs are having their one year anniversary on 6 August – can you believe it has been a year. Wow! Best thing I ever did. Love them to bits.
* I have new glasses they are, surprise, surprise – Pink with butterflies on the side
* My good friend Ghilraen and family are coming to Cape Town later this month and I am very excited
* Geek and I went on our first ever date on Friday night, all very backwards I know but it was lovely. We had dinner and then went to see Inception. Thanks to Ouma Annatjie for watching the kids for us.
* I need to phone the lawyer and see what is happening about the divorce there is some hope that this might actually work this time.
* we need to move, we just do not have enough space here for 4 of us let alone 5, but we don’t really have the money to move.
* My parents have offered to help us buy a house, we are looking at it seriously, but realize that this kind of thing with family can be tricky and again are just not sure we can pay enough towards a house. Wow property prices in CT are expensive!
* Yme passed his exams.
* I am really proud of Rachel’s reading at the moment.
* I could sleep all day – no really all day. This 1st trimester with all the sickness and tiredness is for the birds. The problem with even a small nap is that Caleb being a boy causes holy terror. The one day he emptied all the juice concentrate in Rachel’s toy kitchen, the next day he drew on the braai wall outside with a pen and while I was scrubbing it off ‘watered’ the plants with Handy Andy. etc etc so you can see why I am scared to lie down even for 5 minutes.
* Friends and family have been so lovely and so supportive, even though this is unplanned and a little soon, we have been blessed by great people in our lives.

10 thoughts on “Life happens when you are making other plans

  1. Again, congrats on your pregnancy. I am quite enjoying the other blog.
    And yes. Money is just way too tight to mention. It’s rather tiring actually.
    Happy that you are sounding content and some free advice…go on more dates. Please.

  2. So happy you made the decision. In my opinion that was the correct one. Good Luck with the “All Day” sickness. I have sympathy. I was exactly the same with BOTH my pregancies. Sick for the WHOLE 9 months.

  3. Congrats on the new baba. According to me, that was the heart’s decision – glad you have listened to it as well.

    You know, life will work out, money will work out and even if you life in a tight squeeze, you will be a family. A happy one too.

  4. Hi Pink Hair Girl,
    It’s been a whil since we chatted (last spoke when we swopped stories about our to-do-list in life ironically)

    We are also 5… (same situation)

    There are baby-showers coming your way, and you know what you need vs. what you’d like
    *sigh* I also want to do my boobs..miss them!

    Don’t stress luv, no one was planned on this earth… that’s life~ “surprise!”

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