Questions and Answers

With being in bed by 7:30-8pm most nights my poor blog has taken a bit of a knock.

I found this on Gillian blog and though it was a good idea to give my blog some love

1. What is your signature color?
Uuummm any guesses?

2. Your most embarrassing moment?
I hate these I can never think of really embarrassing things if you want a real winner you must go and read Gillian’s one, it is laugh out loud funny. I need to make one up so I have one for these questions. Anyone have a good one I can borrow?

3. Would you ever get anything pierced other than your ears? If yes, what?
I have a belly ring, I have had it since Varsity and would love to get a new pink one after #pinkbun is out.

4. Are you a social butterfly or a homebody?
Both, I am an extrovert in that I thrive on people and having people around me and doing stuff with others but I am quite shy at times so I like people I know and in a strange place can be a bit slow to warm up.

5. Are you done having babies or do you want more?
I am in the process of cooking no3 but after this I think i am done, I know that The Geek would love another after this but today as I sit here nauseous as anything I say never again.

6. Are you loyal to your hairstylist or are do you tryout every salon in town?
I love my hairdresser Joanne at Cut of Africa in Pta, but since moving I do not have a regular person yet. I go to Jo whenever i am in Pta, I think she should move to CT

7. How many times have you moved in your life?
I counted 16, but 15 of them were after I left school so you know how much I have moved in the last few years, it is going to be nice to live in the same place for a long while

8. If you could plan your dream vacation with just you and your love where would it be?
If I could and it was just for the two of us I would have to dream it was our honeymoon, i don’t actually care where it is, a tropical beach would be nice, but so would the west coast, or Europe or anywhere. A secluded house in the middle of nowhere sounds lovely too.

I am supposed to nominate others, but I might leave you to use it if you like or not.

House hunting help

We are house hunting which is not a joyful task with 2 small children when it has to be done after Yme finishes work so they are tried and grumpy. But after some really disastrous houses we found a really nice one near us in Durbanville. It has the 4 bedrooms we need, big modern kitchen with gas and separate scullery, study and storage place for Earth Babies stock. Down side is asking price is inflated for the area, we hate the agent, 3 rooms have no build in cupboards, 3 rooms are together then 2 are on the other side of the house so not ideal for all the kids being and close to us, but then they can share for now and when Rachel is older she might like her own room a bit further away parts are flat roof, gas was self installed so needs certificate. We would be in the area we are and have gotten used to but 30mins from closest beach. Yme works is montague gardens near milnerton so quite a drive already.

We were ready to put in an offer but had an appointment this weekend in Dynefontein near Melkbos which we nearly did not keep, but thought what the hell we love the area and at the very least we can take the kids down to the beach for a play on the sand. Surprise surprise we see a lovely house. It has 4 big rooms with guest room and study and place for EB, it is an older solid house was build for koeberg in the days Eskom gave you a house. Wooden parkett floors, modern kitchen, modern bathrooms. All bedrooms have cupboards, 2 mins from beach, lovely feel to the house. It is the first one the kids asked if we could buy. Same price as the other but more worth asking price if you ask me. Does not have separate scullery but kitchen move open plan to lounge. Did I mention 2 mins from beach and I love the west coast. Has a calm feel about the area.
But it is further for Yme to work and it means moving areas.

So what would you do?

shh don’t tell anyone

but I think I might be turning into a geek, who would have know there was a geek inside PHG just waiting to come out! Geek is not a word I would use when describing myself but a few people recently have said that I have some geek cred.
One of my friends said i got a 4/10 on what I know and a bonus 2 as I look like a geek LOL.
These are some of the things I can do, not sure if they add to my geek cred at all

– I run an online ecommerce business
– I can write some very basic and probably shockingly unproper HTML
– I am trying Ubuntu
– I went to watch my first zombie movie and loved it, granted it was a funny zombie movie and i would not cope with a really truly scary one but still
– The really geeky bits like being good at maths and science we will just gloss over
– I have glasses, i think that gives instant geek points
– As much as i thrive on people and need people around me I am quite shy at time
– I now have 3 blogs
– Love star trek and star wars and The big Bang theory is now my all time favourite show
– I met and fell in love with Yme via Twitter – that has to score me big point
– I love gadgets, hate reading the manual and that must be user friendly but I love them
– I want a pacman book case
– I love science fiction and fantasy, okay fantasy more but still
– I love computer game that do not need hectic co-ords, I just have very very little time to play them, but if i did I could be playing a lot
– I was wikipediaing ( hahaha amazing how it can be a verb and noun) the word geek and there was a whole bit on the geek chick and fashions that draw on others like emo, goth,punk, hippie, bohemian. While i know my look is not quite any of those there is a big hippie bit of me and i think my pink docs score a lot of points, and of course I guess the pink hair is somewhat punk/hippie or something.

Any way the problem is that I am not geek enough, I want to be able to fix the problems that happen on my computer, but in my slight geek status at least I use Twitter and the real geeks there to help me.

These last few months of having computer problems and signal issues have really tried my patience to the max, we live in an area that can not get ADSL, we have trees all around so no wireless and the cell phone 3g signal is bad and expensive. None of this conducive to running an on line business. ANd my new sony computer as much as i love it in all it’s pinkness has this silly Vaio stuff on it which makes it run incredibly slowly.

I do not ask much from a computer, I want it to be fast, i want to run chrome, i like having LOTS of window and tabs open at the same time and want it to be fast regardless. I want it to be easy to use and just work, but this seems a lot to ask. I am constantly frustrated. Ubuntu is faster than using windows with the Vaio crap BUT you have to keep finding and loading all sorts of stuff that just plugs in and loads on windows.

*sigh* off to fight with my computer again! And hope that @andrevr on twitter can help me with the vodaphone dongal and Ubuntu issue

Pink hair dilemma solved

I decided to try the pink and purple solution to see if it would cover the roots and negate the need to bleach for at least the first trimester. These are the results and you can tell me if you think it worked. Some of you may have already seen these on twitter.

Purple hair pink tips

Purple hair pink tips

And this one so you can see my new cute glasses with butterflies on them
Purple hair pink tips

Pink Hair Dilemma

I have pink hair, I love having pink hair and now I have a Dilemma. I have darkish roots so I have to bleach my hair every 6 weeks, to cover the regrowth, and the dye it all pink again. Now I was reading about bleach and pregnancy and like with most things it is not really something you can test so they say it is best to avoid until at least after the 1st trimester. I am on the 5th week of my hair growing out which means

1) That I bleached it once at about 2 weeks before I knew about the pinkgeek baby
2) That it is probably not a good idea to do it again this trimester if at all
3) If i was going to do it after this trimester then I would still have 5 weeks to go so I still need a solutions as to what to do with it now.

While I was forced to lie down this afternoon after falling asleep numerous times while trying to read a chapter of Alice in Wonderland to Rachel, while lying there I had a thought. Maybe if I dye the top a darker colour say Purple and then leave the tips pink I would avoid having bleach on my scalp and the purple is darker than the pink so should colour my roots too. And the dye I use is vegan safe and does not have any of the nasties that bleach would have.
What do you think?

Tried to find a picture on Google but can you believe that there is not an abundance of pictures of people with purple hair and pink tips.

Life happens when you are making other plans

* so we are pregnant, the decision has all been made and pinkgeek baby is here to stay. I am going to be keeping most of the baby stuff on the Pinky and the Geek blog so pop over there from time to time to see what we are up to as we journey from to having our baby. Hopefully I can get Geek to also blog regularly and it should be cool to see our very different points of view.
* I am really getting more settled in Cape Town and am making plans to get out more and to do stuff with the kids.
* I joined a home school group in Durbanville and am going to our first meeting this week Friday, they are also doing an Aquarium visit later this month which should be cool.
* Money, money, money there is just not quite enough to go around, was doing the budget last night and was feeling more and more despondent by the end of it – oh well, budget meal planning here we come.
* My boobs are having their one year anniversary on 6 August – can you believe it has been a year. Wow! Best thing I ever did. Love them to bits.
* I have new glasses they are, surprise, surprise – Pink with butterflies on the side
* My good friend Ghilraen and family are coming to Cape Town later this month and I am very excited
* Geek and I went on our first ever date on Friday night, all very backwards I know but it was lovely. We had dinner and then went to see Inception. Thanks to Ouma Annatjie for watching the kids for us.
* I need to phone the lawyer and see what is happening about the divorce there is some hope that this might actually work this time.
* we need to move, we just do not have enough space here for 4 of us let alone 5, but we don’t really have the money to move.
* My parents have offered to help us buy a house, we are looking at it seriously, but realize that this kind of thing with family can be tricky and again are just not sure we can pay enough towards a house. Wow property prices in CT are expensive!
* Yme passed his exams.
* I am really proud of Rachel’s reading at the moment.
* I could sleep all day – no really all day. This 1st trimester with all the sickness and tiredness is for the birds. The problem with even a small nap is that Caleb being a boy causes holy terror. The one day he emptied all the juice concentrate in Rachel’s toy kitchen, the next day he drew on the braai wall outside with a pen and while I was scrubbing it off ‘watered’ the plants with Handy Andy. etc etc so you can see why I am scared to lie down even for 5 minutes.
* Friends and family have been so lovely and so supportive, even though this is unplanned and a little soon, we have been blessed by great people in our lives.