writing competition – writers block

I while back I entered a writing competition that I had seen Angel mention on her blog, well it has come around again. But unlike last time when it took me a few minutes to think of a story and get it out I have spent days this time trying to decide what to write. I am under no illusions that I am anywhere near as good as those who win these competitions but it is good practice and stretches me. This time I feel like time is running out and the idea is not coming.

But so far my favourite entry is this one, haunting, it had me mulling it over and over in my head for days. The care and feeding of angles

If you have a chance read some and see what you think and which is your favourite.

I hope an idea come to me in time.

2 thoughts on “writing competition – writers block

  1. I don’t like that post at all (that you linked to). I find it disturbing and weird and think the mind that wrote it is warped. Maybe that was his intention, if so then congratulations on a job well done. But I won’t read more of his work again. Please come up with your own idea, you are “off the beaten track” but not screwed up in your mind like that.

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