So how do you say his name?

I get this question a lot it might even be out ranking the “why do you have Pink hair” question.
Now remember all these tips are from an English girl who will probably never get it 100% correct but I guess some instruction is better than calling him Why-me 😉

First of all the name is Dutch, not sure if that makes any difference but I add that bit of useless info for you anyway LOL

If you are Afrikaans or can read Afrikaans it is said like the Afrikaans word for Germs – Kieme without the K
If you are not South African chances are that does not help. So lets try phonetics.

‘I’ like in the word India then ‘muh’

Not sure if that helped at all and I am sure the man will have a better explanation but this is the best I can do

15 thoughts on “So how do you say his name?

  1. LOL! The way he explained it to me when we first met was Ee-mah. I ended up thinking of Wall-E when he says Eve’s name for the first time. “Eeee-vah”. Hahaha!

  2. Thank you so much for answering this question. I must admit that I have often wondered the same thing and I somehow assumed that it sounds like the girls name “Amy”.

  3. I was one of those people who explained to my husband that your better half’s name is Why-me (can you see the shame on my face?)

    Thank you for clarifying this.

  4. Ahh ok I think I get it. 😉

    Yes do the sounds clip… kind of like the Linux/Ubuntu ones. ‘My name is Yme and I pronounce Yme: Yme’ 😉

  5. Great, even this dutch (from Holland) girl was fooled. LOL. What’s in a name?
    And from somebody who “Liefje” her husband for 10 years because I just struggled to say Johan (2 short sounds in Afrikaans) instead of the dutch Joo-han (1st long and second short sounds).

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