Happy Birthday dear PHG blog

Birthday,balloons I actually missed the day that my blog turned ONE, I was thinking about it for weeks before and then at the time it was just hectic as always and I forgot. I am quite sad that I missed it as this little space in the world has come to mean quite a lot to me. It has helped me through some very dark days and out to the other side where life is a lot better. I know that in the world of blogging me and my blog are but infants but we have loved every minute so far and hope to be having many more birthdays

I have always said I write because I have to, the word bubble up inside me and I need to put them down somewhere, but as helpful as writing alone is, a benefit I never realized would come to mean so much to me, is the amazing people I have met through my blog and the support people have given me. I know there are those that think the support from comments should not be taken too much to heart as people can type any little message and it does not replace genuine care and support, but I might just have been lucky in that so many of the people who comment here have become real life friends who do care about me and mine.

Emotions and life can often feel overwhelming as things happen at strange and unplanned times but blogging gives a place to get it all out and it is like having a safety net of people out there that just gently with their words and kindness carry you through the good and bad times.

To all that have read and commented over the year, thank you, you really mean the world to me. I know there are a few of you that read but do not comment often or at all, please keep coming back and maybe just now and again let me know you are out there with a comment or 2, i do so love comments šŸ˜‰

I have received criticism about my blog and about my choosing to share my world and emotions with others but no matter what others think I am proud of my little space in the world.

17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday dear PHG blog

  1. Happy Belated Blog birthday. I think all who take the time to comment actually do care. When you are sharing part of someone’s life through their blog you cannot help but begin to care for and about them.
    Love you my friend xxx

  2. And that’s the song Afrikaans people can sing if they don’t like the “mag die Here jou seen”. You asked and I could never remember, but here it is.

  3. Happy, happy birthday Pink Hair Girl Blog!

    I’ve never actually thought to celebrate my blog’s birthdays. But I think it’s a great idea. Well done for keeping at it, finding the time to write even when things are really hectic.

    I have enjoyed reading many of your posts and have found much here to which I can relate on a very personal level. So thanks for that.

    Wishing you many more happy blogging years!

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