Greenwich Meridian

I am at the Greenwich meridian, I have a huge decision to make and the sides of the meridian represent the options. I am jumping and changing from one side to the other. Backwards and forward over and over the thoughts tumble, getting no clearer with time. I feel so ill-equiped to make this decision, it’s like jumping between the two with the weight of an anvil on my back.

The thing about decisions is that one way or another they get made. Time means that things move forward and the decision will be made. I will in the end jump down on one of the 2 sides and take small tentative steps, moving me further and further from the alternative reality. I just wondered how often I will look back and wonder about the path not take.

The decision changes me, defines me and molds my soul, my being and the core of who I am. I just wish I knew the best way to make it.

Time marches on…

10 thoughts on “Greenwich Meridian

  1. Any decision you make you have to simply accept it is for the best and move forward. Second guessing yourself simply freezes you in time. xx

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