World cup fever

While we are not the biggest soccer fans, we thought that it would be a good idea to get involved in some of the world cup excitement. My friend Ghilraen who also home schools was say that they were learning about each of the countries that are coming to take part in the World Cup later this month. I asked Rachel if she thought this was something she woulc like to do and she did. We decided to start with South Africa.

For each of the countries we will be looking at:

  • Flag
  • Food and where possible we will try make a dish from that country
  • Languages
  • Maps and Locations
  • National plants. animals and birds
  • Clothes and culture

0 thoughts on “World cup fever

    • They are still little so it was more a case of highlighting that there are different cultures and languages and people in our country and that although people might be from the same place they can still be different.

  1. LOL, you are very brave. Luckily for me J asks me if I’ve been to “that” country and mostly I say “yes” and tell him what I remember. As for cooking different meals, my son hasn’t died of food poisoning yet, best I don’t push my luck! 😛

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