Pinklets get a place in the cyber world

So I am a blogger and a home schooling mom. I do post stuff about my kids on my blog from time to time, but I thought maybe they needed their own space. The idea actually came when I wanted to print a Platypus project that we had been working on and I was struggling to  get the printers working, without having to sell organs to afford the ink. I was thinking maybe we do not need to print the projects, but we can do them on the computer, and naturally that lead to thinking that if they had a blog then other people could see what they are doing too. This also appeals to the green mom in me as we can save paper. Sure there are still going to be a lot of things that we do on paper but now we do not have to print everything.

It will also give their dad who lives in the UK a chance to see that I am actually teaching them something from time to time.

So meet Rachel who is 5y 8m

and Caleb who is 3 in 11 days time and welcome to their world.


photos by my wonderful friend Sharon

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