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So many of us hate photos of ourselves. I know I do, I find it so difficult to see what other people see in the same photo. We sees the tiny flaws that others may not see and we have a whole range of things that impact the way we view ourselves. Sharon took a really nice photo of me other day and i thought it might be fun to do a blog challenge where you have to blog 5 pictures of yourself that you really like, and say 5 things you like about yourself. Then nominate 5 other bloggers to dig into their photo collection and lets share our better side. It can be so hard to appreciate ourselves but I think it is health to find things we like about ourselves.

the picture Sharon took
pink hair

Yme took this one on the road trip – it was a really happy time
pink hair

My first trip to CT as PHG, Andre took this pic at Cape point
pink hair

Jeanette took this at the Ladies on Lunch on Jhb.

I love this one of the kids and I that Marc took
mothers day

5 things I like about me:
– I am not afraid to be different ( I love my pink hair) but I do things because I want to and they feel right to me rather than just to be different for different sake
– I am very fond on the new boobs and I am proud of the old ones for breast feeding 2 kids
– I have quite nice legs although the thighs and bum have spread a little over the years.
– I like my hands, they are not the strongest or the prettiest but I genuinely like helping people and they make that possible, I will go out of my way for my friends.
– I like my mouth, I love being kissed and I love the words and the power of words that my mouth gives me the chance to say, if I could just get my brain to slow down and be more consciously aware not to interrupt people. I know I do it but I never realize it at the time.

I nominate Sharon, AcidicIce, Angel ,Jeanette, Laura

16 thoughts on “Show your best side

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  2. Pingback: Harassed Mom » Blog Archive » My best side

  3. Oh no… was hoping you wouldn’t tag me when I read about it on Laura’s blog!! I don’t have photos of myself really!!
    Love the last one with the kids 🙂

  4. Thanks guys, this was quite hard actually and what got me thinking about it was talking to Andre about a photo he had taken on someone, it was gorgeous. He said she thought it was okay but did not get it. She did not see what we could see and I know as the subject it is hard to like a picture as much as other people.
    Jane – oh boy there are some bad bad photos of me LOL, I should have included 5 good an 5 bad ones just for a laugh
    Cat – i love the first one
    Sharon – i want to see yours too 😉 miss you a lot. I am missing my girl friends who really know me to sit and have a good old chat to. Rachel misses J a lot too.
    Wenchy – there is something about what that one does to my eyes i really like
    Jeanette – I especially put some photographers on the list as I know you guys hate pics of you the most LOL sorry, can’t wait to see what you find

  5. I like the photos you have posted. You look great in all of them. I do not think I would be able to post pics of myself but if I do get nominated I will for the fun of it 🙂

  6. I have just had a look and the only photos I have are the one’s Jeanette took recently with L & J in them as well and my twitter avatar from the tweetup in CT. Besides the fact that they are the only 2 I have of me – I don’t like myself in them anyway. Sorry my friend, I would post if I actually had photos to post but I don’t. 🙁
    Actually it makes me sad because no one ever thinks to take a photo of me because I’m always the one holding the camera. There are always candids of other people at braai’s etc but only posed shots of me because most of the time I’ve asked someone to take a shot of me.

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