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Before the road trip I wrote a post Girl’s don’t pooh about the difficulties of certain bodily functions happening, knowing other people are around. Well needless to say moving in with someone posses new challenges on this front. The kids think that it is totally hilarious that as soon as Yme goes to work in the morning, I disappear into the toilet with my book. Weekends are a whole different story, so far I have managed to go when he has been out, or when the shower or bath is running. The problem being that my stupid anal sphincter knows that it is trying to be conned into working when someone else is around. When I really want to get done as fast as possible and therefore have the least chance of detection, it takes ages!

Yes TMI I know, sorry. Of course it does not help that Yme is a stealth toilet goer, no sound, smell, fart, plop NOTHING! The door close the only sound is the seat going down rather than the usual pee noises and then nothing, silence, toilet flushes and you would be non the wiser ( sorry my love, now I am sharing your TMI too, the dangers of dating a blogger)

All this got me thinking about an article I read in a woman’s magazine once about whether women in a relationship should be comfortable enough around her man to do all the intimate grooming and toileting. The question was answered by 2 people one pro the openness and the other not. The woman pro said that it is a sign of a happy close relationship with total trust and the one anti said woman should keep some aloofness about the exact workings of her body and all the grooming required to keep things all neat and tidy, as this helps to keep the sex appeal higher if he does not have to witness the whole process, just the awesome end result.

My question is;

Ladies: Do you do all the grooming with your man around, or do you keep the shaving, waxing, plucking, scrubbing, face masks, blackhead removal, toe nail cleaning etc etc for times when he has no chance of seeing?
Men: do you mind witnessing the whole grooming process, or is it something that you would rather just enjoy the end result?

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  1. 😛 bwahahahahaha oh my goodness that was a great laugh – love you millions my friend.
    Ok so to answer the question – I’m a secret poo-er, plucker, bather etc. Some things are just meant to be done in private. My darling brother and his wife on the other hand are the opposite. He will “sit” while she is in the bath and they catch up on their day! TMI? Lol too bad I’m also a blogger

  2. I feel comfortable enough doing most of these in front of my man, but usually prefer not to. Just think it’s good to keep some mystery around still. Usually do all of this when he’s out or occupied on the computer 😉

  3. I do my stuffs when Dion is not around. I don’t think he would mind, nor really care either way… that is just what I am comfortable with.

    I do colour my hair and wear a face mask with him around tho.

  4. Leg shaving, masks, having a wee, nail clipping- no problemo. Everything else I keep to myself. Squeezing, pit & pube shaving… nuh. Thats only for me.
    As for plop noises- just put toilet paper in the bottom of the bowl first and your problem is solved!

  5. I try remember to close the door when I go to the loo but with a toilet-training toddler its not always possible… as for the rest he gets to see it all (and when pregnant I expect his help with the grooming bits I cant reach). So no mystery left in our relationship.

  6. I have the same problem. Now that we’re in JHB we’re house sharing with another couple, so I wait until everyone has left for work before i poo. Heaven knows how i’m going to cope when I get a job, cos then i’ll never be alone at home and i can’t poo in public places.

    As for grooming, it’s taken 8 months for Richard to see me brushing my teeth, let alone all the shaving/tweezing/blah blah that goes with keeping me presentable!

    there’s gotta be some mystery kept as far as i’m concerned!

  7. It’s similar for gay relationships too. I prefer to do some things in private, he’ll get up, strip, shake it at you, pee, shower and come back to bed. 🙂

  8. hahaha very funny 🙂 I don’t try to hide anything – but do prefer to do things on my own. Hair/waxing etc gets done elsewhere, so lucky for him he misses all that glamour 🙂

  9. I do pretty much everything around my Boerewors except my No. 2s – that is something that is behind closed doors but I’m certainly not worried about the noise or the stench. He beats me hands down with that.

    Riaan’s seen me at my worst and at my best…and surprise, surprise, he still loves me.

  10. oh no – i am so anal retentive that I swear I am blushing as I read this! haha. Nah – I keep as much as possible private – The Band doesn’t need to know that I’m not naturally this fabulous 😉

  11. Gilz it is just the no2, all the rest I have no problem with, it is not that i ever need to do it in front of him, being able to do it when he is in the house would be useful! And of course if he was a little more noisy and a little more smelly it would help LOL

  12. Well, personally I don’t really give most things all that much thought. What needs to be done, simply needs to be done. Guess in a nutshell it doesn’t bother me.

  13. I make Daniel go away (as far away as possible) from the bathroom when I’ve got to go. As for the grooming – We are so comfortable with each other that I don’t hide very much. Or him from me 🙂

  14. In the first 1 year everybody try to impress each other with their perfections. After 12 years you start getting use to habits, some you accept others you live with. The real you is the one you see in the mirror in the morning when you wake up! Woman sticking their thick “body putty” on irritate me. If you have children they will expose you in every way like “daddy, mommy made a poep” so instead of trying to live your “second” life, be natural fart in bed, burp not to loud, hey and if you have to go for a dump, sit down, flush the loo and do you thing before the tank is full! It works for me.

  15. I would only clip the nails and do masks or those blackhead nose thingies – because he does them at the same time. The rest, in my own private space please. I do not like him around. I would NEVER wee in front of him.

    But you know, in pregnancy things did go a bit haywire – hence he shaved my legs and painted my toe nails in the last 3 months of the twin pregnancy when I could not remotely locate these parts of myself. The waxing at the bikini line I left to the pro’s

  16. I’m pretty relaxed, and I don’t do much primping anyway. I certainly wouldn’t wait till he’s out of the house to go for a poo! And as for pubic hair shaving, that’s a job I’ve delegated to him – he likes it, he can do it!

  17. ha ha ha ha! Grooming is a private affair, for me. as for going to the loo, I’ve been known to keep flushing the toilet for the whole time i’m in the bathroom, to disguise untoward noises. Even if the only person nearby is a girlfriend.

  18. I groom in front of my hubby with ease but one thing I do not do before my hubby is the thing you do on the toilet. He and me feel in that way the same, that is no thing you partner needs to see. Some things just need to be kept to yourself and this is one of them.

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