TMI and a question

Before the road trip I wrote a post Girl’s don’t pooh about the difficulties of certain bodily functions happening, knowing other people are around. Well needless to say moving in with someone posses new challenges on this front. The kids think that it is totally hilarious that as soon as Yme goes to work in the morning, I disappear into the toilet with my book. Weekends are a whole different story, so far I have managed to go when he has been out, or when the shower or bath is running. The problem being that my stupid anal sphincter knows that it is trying to be conned into working when someone else is around. When I really want to get done as fast as possible and therefore have the least chance of detection, it takes ages!

Yes TMI I know, sorry. Of course it does not help that Yme is a stealth toilet goer, no sound, smell, fart, plop NOTHING! The door close the only sound is the seat going down rather than the usual pee noises and then nothing, silence, toilet flushes and you would be non the wiser ( sorry my love, now I am sharing your TMI too, the dangers of dating a blogger)

All this got me thinking about an article I read in a woman’s magazine once about whether women in a relationship should be comfortable enough around her man to do all the intimate grooming and toileting. The question was answered by 2 people one pro the openness and the other not. The woman pro said that it is a sign of a happy close relationship with total trust and the one anti said woman should keep some aloofness about the exact workings of her body and all the grooming required to keep things all neat and tidy, as this helps to keep the sex appeal higher if he does not have to witness the whole process, just the awesome end result.

My question is;

Ladies: Do you do all the grooming with your man around, or do you keep the shaving, waxing, plucking, scrubbing, face masks, blackhead removal, toe nail cleaning etc etc for times when he has no chance of seeing?
Men: do you mind witnessing the whole grooming process, or is it something that you would rather just enjoy the end result?