Look before you leap?

So I am faced with a dilemma, I want to move to CT. I need to be there. But my parents help me a lot here. I am slowly getting back on my feet and the money is trickling in but I am not sure I can wait long enough, I am not a totally practical person at the best of times. When I know what I want, I like to go for it, to grab on with both hands and not let go. Make it happen.

When you want something are you the throw caution to the wind kind of person or do you plan everything to the last detail?
Are there times when following your heart and your gut are more important than following your head?

I wish I knew, I am tempted just to go. Would pack it up and drive tomorrow if I could.

7 thoughts on “Look before you leap?

  1. I think I am somewhere in between!

    The decision we made this week was pretty much a “just do it” one. We did work a few things about but it still was a pretty impulsive one 🙂

    I am a little more cautious though because of the kids. I dont mind slumming it or eating on bread and milk (gluten and lactose free) but I need to know I have money for them!!

    If I was you my biggest consideration would be support and not money because you do always make a plan but I cant live without the support!

  2. I tend to be the one side at times and the other at other times. One thing I do know – with kids, it is all about support. We have very little support and when I am a weekend alone with the kids it is really tough. DO not under estimate support.

  3. I’m a “take the leap” kind of person. It has at times landed me in some hot water and at times taken me on some of the most beautiful adventures. My advise would be to sit and think about it carefully for a day or so, make a decision and then throw yourself at it completely in whatever way you decide to go.

  4. In all honesty, I went strictly with my head while I was raising my knucklehead alone. Now he’s grown and out of school, I can follow my heart.

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