Look before you leap?

So I am faced with a dilemma, I want to move to CT. I need to be there. But my parents help me a lot here. I am slowly getting back on my feet and the money is trickling in but I am not sure I can wait long enough, I am not a totally practical person at the best of times. When I know what I want, I like to go for it, to grab on with both hands and not let go. Make it happen.

When you want something are you the throw caution to the wind kind of person or do you plan everything to the last detail?
Are there times when following your heart and your gut are more important than following your head?

I wish I knew, I am tempted just to go. Would pack it up and drive tomorrow if I could.

National Cleavage Day

It is National Cleavage Day #NCD, a day to appreciate being a woman and having breasts. And while I love my breasts, as most of you know, they have had a bit of help to be what they are today.

But a day like today is not just all about the fun of boobs, for some women the thought of showing anyone their cleavage is enough to send them into a cold sweat.I know the agony on being flat chested. And yes I did say agony, while I don’t believe every woman with slighlty less adipose tissue on her chest is a misery, I have been on that side of the fence and I know that our society places such a big emphasis on breasts that it is hard to come away unscathed. Add to that someone telling you that you are inadequate and it is next to impossible to feel that you are in any way shape or form sexy or desirable.

I do believe that there are some awesome, strong, wonderful woman with small breasts who are happy in themselves and would never consider doing what I did. I salute them, their honesty and ability to look beyond our society and find true worth inside is what we should all strive for. I long for the day when we celebrate bodies in all shapes and sizes and breasts in all their big, small, droopy and perky glory.

I am happy I had mine done and often find myself looking at them admiringly or just having to touch to see that they are there and actually mine. They have done a lot for my confidence and maybe I should have been able to fight the demons on the past without help from surgery but I am not sorry I did it. What I can say is that I now know that there are plenty of good men out there to whom the size of your breasts does not matter and to them I say thank you. The gift you gave me of knowing I am desirable like I am is something I treasure.

One of the huge bonuses of small boobs is they are super orgasmically sensitive, makes fun times even more fun 😉 , I know from my own experience and from talking to guys who have seen the different ways woman react have to having their nipples touched. While I am not saying that large breasted woman do not have fun it seems the reaction is intensified with smaller boobs but not having done a proper study on this (and maybe I will leave it for one of the boys) I am willing to be corrected.

Boobs Boobs glorious boobs, I celebrate #NCD and pay tribute to all woman no matter their shape or size. I only wish that I had been confident enough to participate in something like this before I had my op.