To do list:

To do list
I am hopeless at to do lists I always misplace them so I thought if I wrote it here I had more luck of finding it again. Lets see if this works, helps with being paperless and all too I guess. I understand that it will make ittle sense to everyone else so feel free to move on if you like.

    pink bullet sort out tax number – get book keepers number from Barbara.
    pink bullet SARS log book
    pink bullet change order email back to info
    pink bullet stock take
    pink bullet update sling colours post show
    pink bullet NM article before 13 April
    pink bullet P24 sibling article
    pink bullet follow up with lead for LL
    pink bullet write Eco Reflections for ART and for publication ?CL
    pink bullet look for an angle for Leila’s, food mag or such
    pink bullet cob house story – interior, eco and stylish
    pink bullet phone Douw re will
    pink bullet sort out car registration
    pink bullet get antivirus codes for Peter done
    pink bullet phone re nappy collection order for tomorrow

sick boy needs me now so will add more tomorrow
so the continued list that I did not get to finish last night

    pink bullet Sustainability Institute blog
    pink bullet Desktop Activists blog
    pink bullet add thank you page for ART website
    pink bullet add sponsor logos on ART website
    pink bullet bake cup cakes
    pink bullet unpack from road trip and move tents out of the lounge
    pink bullet work out budget

Okay so before I feel totally overwhelmed and never do any of them, let me stop. I can add some more as I tick some off

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  1. Angel that is a good idea – i am so sucky at lists in the first place that this is an attempt just not to loose this one. I guess it should have due dates and time and all sorts on it to make it a proper list but it is a start.

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