Lessons from the scratch patch

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I was at the scratch patch last week with the kids. They had loads of fun. It was interesting to see the difference between the two of them and the way they approached the task of collecting a few gems stones in a little packet. Rachel spent ages looking for her stones and loved finding really special ones. Caleb was a bit less structured about it, he lost the bag he was supposed to be putting the stone in and was much happier to throw the stones in the little stream, lie in them and generally trying to lob them at unsuspecting passers-by.

As I sat and watched them having fun and I looked through some of the stones at my feet. Sometime you would come across a really beautiful look stone and when you looked at it closer or turned it over you saw the flaws. It was a lot less perfect than you thought at first.

This got my brain ticking over about people. So often we look at people and we see the good stuff, it looks like they have it all together. I remember in one case being quite jealous of a friend until everything changed.

Do the imperfections mar the initial impression of perfection and beauty? Or does it just serve to show that while we all have our flaws and things we may not want others to see there is still beauty there to be appreciated and sometimes even more so because of the flaws.

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  1. I love the scratch patch and whenever we went down to the Cape my dad had to take me there. I was a lot like Rachel, spending hours choosing the right stones. This post made me feel very nostalgic.

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