Awesome Road Trip!

Will someone please pinch me, I must be dreaming! I keep thinking that any second now I will wake up and the crazy mad idea that grew in my head, will still be safely in there, and will not have somehow morphed into an idea that is growing a life, and gathering pace all on its own.

I always believed in this idea. I always thought that it could work. So it was not a lack of faith. I guess I am just blow away by the amount that other people have been willing to buy into the idea, and to go with it.
To understand it, when at times, I was not sure I totally understood it myself.

Most of all I have to thank @Majorproblem ( Yme) @squidsquirt ( Scott) and @andrevr (Andre) for believing in this and not letting me just drop the idea. They all have very different skills and even though 2 out of the
4 (Yme and Andre) are the realists, they never let the practical in any way dampen the dream or limit what we could achieve.

So what am I talking about? Pop on over here and have a look The Awesome Road Trip of PinkHairGirl and friends. The pilot is starting on 13 March and so the kids and I came down to CT to do the final arrangements. This is a trip around South Africa to highlight and talk about green and
community issues in our country. To tell stories that might otherwise not be told and to look at how communication, technology and the ability to access basic connectivity effects the power and voice that a
person can have in this country.

Follow us as we make our way around SA, we’ll need lots of help if we are going to reach the people we want to reach and make a difference in as many lives as we possibly can. We will be tweeting, blogging and
keeping you up to speed on Facebook as we go around. Spread the word to anyone who has an eco, green or community project that we might be able to visit on our travels!

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  1. It feels surreal and I can’t quite believe we are actually almost setting off. But the support and the responses we’re getting from everyone make me feel that we’re onto something potentially great. Thanks for sharing your idea 🙂

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