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The female2female blog challenge this week is 10 things. Any 10 thing. Laura did  10 thing she wants to do before she dies, but I sort of did that in this post so I decided to be scare you all away with soppy. Damn I can’t believe you all survived my emo and now the soppy. I am truly sorry but here goes

10 things I love about you

  1. You are intellegent and I love talking to you, we have such interesting conversations, you never make me feel dumb even when I don’t know much about a topic.
  2. You send me an sms when you go to bed, which is always after me, so when I wake up in the morning I get to read that you love me and reminding me to do my sit-ups.
  3. You support me as a mom and tell me I am doing a good job and how loved my kids are, you understand how I want to do things and the sense of failure I have not quite being where I would like to be.
  4. You believe in me, you offer support and are so willing to help, but you tell me how you know with or without you I can do it. You don’t need me to feel dependent and understand how important it is for me to feel a sense of financial independence.
  5. You are flying up all the way from CT just to help me drive down with the kids.
  6. You do not want to change me in anyway, I feel no pressure to be anyone but myself.
  7. You are willing to be involved with the kids and help me but honest enough to say it you need time out for a while.
  8. You like being silly with me and I love how much we laugh when we are together.
  9. You are following your dream and love what you do
  10. You look into my eyes and I know that I am loved.

10 thoughts on “10 things

  1. Goooo Aequitas!
    You know, this post reminded me of a book I was given when I was maybe three. It was called ” The Tenth Good Thing About Barney” and it was about a kid whose pet cat has died, and his parents ask him to think of ten good things about his cat, so he can have happy memories. It was a stunning book, and changed the way I viewed death. So these kinds of posts are important. We get to examine, analyse and expose feelings and thoughts.
    I was a precocious reader….

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