Pet Names – Oh no Yuck!

I have 101 things to do, Earth Babies and all the stock and ordering etc has landed at my house with a vengeance. Although I now have a system I think I can manage, it has been a bit of an adjustment. I have 3 articles to write and crazy project to plan and a million other things to do, yet here I am blogging. Why? Why, would I take time out of my hectic life and come and do what some people would consider wasting time. This will not be the first time nor the last time I say that I write because I have to. I write because with all the thoughts and feelings swimming around in my head they competing for attention, if I get them all out I might have a few moments of clarity in which can work again – well that is always the hope, until the next crazy thoughts and ideas jossel for space in my small brain that is.

So after that rather long preamble what I am going to write about is a tad soppy so feel free to skip the nausea inducing text that follows.

I was with my ex for 8 years and never once did he ever say that he loved me, in fact I don’t think he really truly loves anyone in this world but his daughter. I convinced myself that I was not the soppy type and that I did not really like pet names, holding hands and all the other signs of affection. I can’t only blame my ex I think I was like that with a lof of my previous partners, maybe not quite as bad but still. You see I am a very very physical person, I love to be touched but I come from a rather emotionally reserved family so there is the dicotomy between what I know through habit and upbring and my natural tendency to want to be emotional, touchy and rather soppy.

Would have known that I would become a ‘get-a-room’ kind of gal, that I would love holding hands and being called “Love” would make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside? I never knew feeling loved by someone in an uncomplicated normal way could feel so good.

There are times when I think that my reserved upbringing, and not being used to be loved in a relationship, makes me occasionally draw back, retreat and try sabotage things. I am good at that, I am good at breaking relationships, but this time, this time is different! I do sometimes transfer my weight onto the back foot as I contemplate turning on my heels and running. But I stop myself and I look at what I have and why I want to run and I realize that my own sense of self worth is often to blame. My own sense of ‘oh shit, my life is way too complicated for anyone’ (Please do not think that I was not loved as a child, I was very loved my parents are just not very physical towards each other so it is not something I have seen as a child.)

But then I get the sms that make me smile all the way to the inside of me, the ones that fill a place so deep inside that I did not know it was empty. I feel loved but never caged, anchored but never bounded. Aequitas loves me, he believes in me and most of all he allows me to be as independent as I need to be. He know it is important to me, he knows I need to security of feeling I can manage on my own, but I only have to ask and he is more than willing to help. If I want to move very heavy bookcases and he says “go for it,  if I was there I would help you but I know you can do it , I believe in you.” Sometimes I do silly forgetful things like leave my car open with the keys in the ignition whileIi go into the shop, he never makes me feel stupid he just says – “try remember becasue I worry about you, you are special to me.”

Pac Man Bookcase The distance is hard, but I think it helps me to get used to being loved and to know that it is something I really want. I miss him when he is not here and I can’t wait to tell him things and share the arb details about my day. Besides we both love the Pac-Man bookcase!

One of the things that I think heals me the most is not only being loved but learning to love back and seeing how good I can make someone else feel too. The circle of love.

I googled pet name and while most of the name on this list still make me feel a little queasy, I am learning

Pet Names for Boys Pet Names for Girls
Bubby Amazing
Squishey Dove
Puppie Pot Baby Bear
Dumpling Birdie
Honey Bunch Beautiful
Silver Baby Doll
Hot Stuff Bubbles
Chocolate Daisy
Pumkin Butterfly
Sugams Dollie
Hunk Charmy
Lovey Dovey Heartbeat
Poubelle Cookie
Darling Jelly
Bunnie Cutie
Hubby Buttercup
Sparky Candie
Prince Angel
Soul Mate Diamond
Amore Blossom
Chico Dimples
Winky Curly
Silver Flower
Flame Cherry
Hearty Gorgeous
Lover Pie Fruity
Goldie Juicy
Joy Cuddly

So pet names: bring them on!

11 thoughts on “Pet Names – Oh no Yuck!

  1. I *never* did pet names until David and I got together. And then I had them thrust upon me ad infinitum, until eventually I stopped noticing much and ended up with a nickname that happens to be unfortunately close to “Piglet”.
    And I still love him anyway… ;P

  2. My husband do not have a pet name for me but I have a ton for him. “Lief”, “Gog”, “Skat”, “goggo”. All of them makes me and I am sure him too, feel loved. Although my hubby do not have a pet name for me, he do stuff that also let me feel loved and warm inside, like holding hands, cuddling and whispering in my ear a word which only I would love.

  3. haha those are all a little scarey – think i am going to ‘try one on’ each day of the week with C and see which gets the best reaction =P

    that is a very cool bookcase (and I of course love the colour)

  4. We only used liefie at first. I just could not get the pronunciation of my hubby’s name correct between the real Dutch and the Afrikaans. Nou he’s Liefje (dutch) for me. Maybe I should show him the list and see what we can come up with.

  5. You have such a way with words, love reading your blog. Barend and I have so many pet names for one another, we seldom use our “real” names. I have loads of pet names for my kids too, Joshua is snoopy / Abigail is Gog and Logan is Gogo. My dad calls Josh “worm head” LOL

  6. I’m slowly getting used to being called “babe”… I’ve never thought of myself as one so it’s super weird, but awesome 😀

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