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When I blogged the 6 word challenge, I mentioned that what had inspired it was a writing competition. I sent in an entry, but never put the link to my story in my blog as I was very unsure of myself. You could have found it if you looked for my name in the list but I did not want to highlight it.  As much as I love writing, I have not written any non-fiction since I left school, rather a long time ago. I love words though and often feel like I write because I have to, the words just want to come out.

So this is my story, that I entered:

Guardian’s Gift
By Sally-Jane Cameron

The solitary figure stands silhouetted on the grey hilltop, the other mourners are long gone. A dark bird circles overhead, it’s cry piercing. She draws her cloak tighter around her, but feels the icy wind leech the last remaining warmth from her. The fire in her soul had been extinguished the night she held his head in her lap. Her guardian, protector and guide had raged against the dying to remain with her, but the dark ominous presence in the room had won, claimed it’s prize and taken her champion.

She feels her legs begin to crumple, her eyes closing, she welcomes the thud of the cold earth, the never getting up again, but arms catch her, strong arms she knows and trusts. Warmth slowly spreads through her body, calm washes over her, the kind she felt when he was by her side. Her heart pounds, “He has returned!” But opening her eyes, she’s alone…The pain is is still there, but she feels his final gift reach into her soul, and gently start to fan the embers of her spirit.

She feels his unwavering love and devotion to her, and grieves the one gift she had never been able to give to him; she the princess, and him, her guardian. Rank had fated him to love her completely but watch while she loved others. She will not fail him! Her strength gathers through the pain. She stands, determined to make him proud; the battle for her kingdom will be won!

I knew I would never win, but it felt good to write again, it was only after I had sent in my entry that I began to read more about short story stuff and the idea is to not switch between past and present and just describe a scene. So I was even more sure that I would not do so well.

But when the judging came up I was surprised to see that I had made the Forties Club which means:

Entries scoring at least 40 out of 45 in my scoring system are inducted into The Forties Club. Asterisks have been added next to the names of inductees. In my judgment, these writers have done their job excellently. Their strong, skilled writing brought their stories to life.
He explains more about the judging here:
this is the link to the winners

My 250 word entry is actually the idea I had for the start of a book, maybe I will write it one day…

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