The things Caleb says

Caleb is now 2½ and says and does the funniest things so I thought I would share a few

– My mom took him to the toilet and he said to her : “This penis is not working, I need to jiggle it”

– I often ask Rachel if she will do me a favour and help me get stuff or do something for me, Caleb now asks just about everyone ‘Mommy/Granny/Bumpa/Christina/Rachel/Marc ( insert required name) can you do me a favour?’ and then he says nothing after that.

– me: Caleb what are you doing Caleb: singing to my penis

– “Rachel is annoying me”

– if you close your eyes and pretend to sleep he says cock-a-doodle-do until you wake up, he also pretends to snore

– ‘MOM can I zerbit your tummy?’ he loves to stroke and make big noisy zerbits on my tummy, then he kills himself laughing.

– he says B for V so movies = mobies, TV = TB DVD = DBD heavy = heaby etc it is cute

– He can count to 12, green is his favourite colour and he loves to eat olibes (olives)

– If anything breaks he tells you he will get his screwdriber (driver) and fix it

– but he also tells me I am beautiful and he hugs me and says ” Mommy I luff you” and I melt

16 thoughts on “The things Caleb says

  1. What comical and gorgeous things he says! Aren’t kids wonderful and entertaining!
    P.S. It’s so nice you’re making a note of these cute things now…you’ll have wonderful content for his 21st one day! 🙂

  2. Damaria – your guess is as good as mine, having grown up in a house of girls the boy thing is new to me, but I have been told by reliable male sources that penis worship even at this age is totally normal 😉

    Cat and Gina they can all have an Olibe party together!

  3. That is too cute,:)
    i also have a Caleb, he is 18 months…cant wait for him to start talking.
    His brother (2 and half)is trying to put words togheter,cutest thing.

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