One day when I am big


The blog challenge on Female to Female today is about your favourite city, either the one you live in or the one that you want to live in. Now it is no secret that I love Cape Town and that my goal is to move there. My parents are originally from Cape Town and we have been visiting since I was a little girl. I love it, there is just something about me that feels at home in CT. From the mountains to the sea Cape Town has memories both old and new for me.

One day I really hope I get to live the dream.

Cape Town

Now all that said I really really love Pretoria, and yes laugh all you like but until you have lived here you can’t understand that it is actually not a bad place to live. The weather, in my humble opinion is the best in South Africa. Laura explains it well in Female to Female

Thanks to André for the picture

8 thoughts on “One day when I am big

  1. I love Pretoria, grew up here. But the Cape!! would be a great place to live, as long as I can have a tumble dryer for winter. And a nice fireplace …with port, sjerrietjie or whiskey. No red wine – to me it tastes aweful, never learned to drink it.
    Oh and White River – Fairer than the fairest cape… said the t-shirt.

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