One for the boys

Barbara was telling me about a discussion on a parenting forum, they were discussing what guys would choose if they had the choice between sex with no blowjobs or blowjobs and no sex, forever. The responses were interesting, we thought it might be revealing to see what guys think as the original discussion was mostly women.

Guys please vote in the poll and I would love to hear what people think ( yes you girls too) so leave me a comment.

17 thoughts on “One for the boys

  1. I can’t personally see someone picking blowjobs over sex. But there may be a reason why a girl might think her boy prefers it.

    Given that blowjobs only cause the guy to orgasm, and not the girl, you can expect guys to make a big deal about getting one. Unlike sex, where the girl is getting off too. Making it a big deal so that the girl doesn’t feel like her non-orgasming act is unappreciated, might lead to a girl thinking that her guy prefers blowjobs.

  2. In all honesty I wouldnt put much store in what BN say about sex :-p

    Like Aequitas said in terms of an orgasm – BJs are pretty oneside and can actually be rather selfish of the guy – unless he reciprocates. So any dude who is prefering them to sex – possibly could be a little bit of a selfish lover!

  3. Blow jobs are good and enjoyable from time to time but honestly are overrated in terms of the importance that are put on them by popular cultaure and the “stories” out there.

    Sex is definitely better and a BJ is just part of the act or part of the foreplay or after play. along with anything else that can be described as a sexual act.

    Sex is fist on the list and the BJ can be seen as a bonus!

    Men, and i am talking generally here, when speaking about the latest fling/GF with their mates will use it as a “status symbol” ie it gives him bragging rights if he has got a BJ from the girl and are macho about getting them and with that comes a sense of the girl wanted me and i got her to submit etc and that could be the source of the belief that men put a great deal of importance on the BJ but as the relationship changes and becomes more serious and those in committed relationships will see it as a part of sex and a nice bonus if the female partner actually enjoys it!!

    I am going to be lyched by men out there for giving away our deep and dark secrets!!!

    Hope that helps to clarify things

  4. To me BJ’s are part of the foreplay after all a girl prefers “A stick on a Man” and not “A Man on a Stick”. Luckily I don’t have a selfish partner – he believes what’s good for the one, is good for the other, so I’m in a win-win situation there. Random thougth – Why is it called a Blow Job when there is no blowing involved 😛

  5. thanks everyone this is just the response I was looking for as I really could not believe that men really would settle for just BJ for the rest of their life.

    Charms: I am with you on this one, be interesting to find out the origin of the word

  6. Listen some of us are (almost) married… sometimes we can’t even remember what a blowjob is… so sex is the easier one to tick! Just means I can go get that beer now…

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