Pix from the Canonista

Hello gentle reader. No, this is NOT PinkHairGirl…:)

I’m a friend, and I asked PGH to allow me to guest-post here…

Why, you ask?
Well, she showed me some pics she was taking, to see what Caleb was doing, and the images immediately struck me as special. I know shooters who try for years and charge small fortunes to get results like this.

Now let me try and describe what I’m seeing, objectively.
There are elements of lighting and composition and emotion in these images that are exceptional. See how he’s in the light? See how he IS the light in the dark-edged room? See how he’s the centre, focus and really the only subject in the image? See how the colour elements brighten without taking attention away from him? See how he has engaged with the viewer, over the ‘spider’? See the perfect gentle window light?

She doesn’t believe me. So help me, please. You be the judges.