Running again

This is a very arb post about my running and weight and exercise so feel free to skip it.

Within a day of each other Laura and my mom mentioned that I should start running again, and I know ( well I think) it was not to do with my weight, but the scale says I have put on 8,5kg maybe even a bit more. I am an emotional non eater and lost a lot of weight at one point but it seem like when I am happy I can eat for about 5, or maybe it is just too many chocolate raisins.

So miserable you can have me thin, but make me happy I might start piling on the kg’s. Now I know that so many of you are going to hate me but I have never dieted in my life. Sure I have done a detox or 2 but never a diet for weight. I am almost sure that I could not do it. So I will run again instead. I tend to get thin running and besides I have decided to get my ass in gear and at least try do the half marathon for the 2 oceans. I know I was going to do the full thing but it just slipped away from me.

So I am going to be a bit geeky and blog my running stats, I will hopefully also find an on line logbook type thing to use too.

Start day 11/01/2010
start weight:68kg
resting pulse: 70
distance: 3,51km
time 25:22:7
pace: max 6:20 average: 7:13
heart rate: max 183 average 164

yes yes I know they are all shockingly bad but hey it was day one.
Rachel wanted to take a photo of post run Mommy – not pretty


8 thoughts on “Running again

  1. I dont see how you can weigh 68kg you dont look that heavy at all, how tall are you??? Maybe your scale is broken! You really dont look like you need to lose any weight at all.

  2. Laura: yes i agree, when I was running I thought about how much I love it, really clears my head. Now I just need to sleep enough so I have energy to run.

    Louisa: i like running but I can totally understand not wanting to do it if you don’t

    Diddle: I am 5’11 so yes very tall, I don’t actually need to lose a lot, i don’t want to go back to 59 it was just too little for my height but I just want to stop the steady gain so that it does not get more. I think I will be happy at about 63kg

  3. Wow you are tall, lucky you! Guys love tall women. I dont know, I really dont think you should lose any weight, you look slim and really good in your pic, dont get too thin!

  4. Thanks Diddle, I think it is more about not picking up any more. Being tall can also suck when you are taller than most of the boys

  5. Ha I just started again properly yesterday too, I’ve been slacking off terribly the last month or 2. I thought the bug had left me, but it clicked again yesterday and I totally remembered what I love about it. I don’t run like you with stats and measurements (I gauge distance only, and perceived effort sometimes). I don’t time or try to improve speed etc. If I am feeling strong I go faster, if I am tired I take it easy. I should probably be more serious about it and push myself harder…

  6. Ok firstly if that photo shows you as being fat then I am obese and need to have my jaws wired and be strapped to a treadmill!
    Second if running makes you happy then do it, to heck with the stats, no normal person understands them anyway and who cares? Run & have fun. If its no fun then stop.
    MWAH 😉

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