Being a Mom

I am a mom, mother, protector, safe-place, the person responsible for guiding and loving two of the most wonderful little people in the world through their journey from trusting child to confident adult

I had a wonderful time away, I am so very grateful to my parents who looked after the kids for a week. Seems like they all had a good time. Think my parents might have forgotten how full-on kids can be. But they are always calm and focused, and they lavish a lot of time and attention on the kids which I know they really liked. It was so lovely to see their little faces again, they just lit up when they saw me and came running full tilt. I loved being told of all the things they had been doing. The majority of Caleb’s sentences stared with ‘give me your hand Mommy’ and then he would lead me around showing me things and telling me what he had been doing. I had to watch him jump on the trampoline, which he really loves and in the pool. They each wanted to show me the new things they have been doing and learning.

And then of course 6am wake up calls resumed again when exuberant kids come running in asking if it is time to wake up yet. They jump on you, pile the bed full of toys, crawl under the blankets and put cold feet on you – and you know what? I would not change one moment of it, for anything in the world!


And then I get a love letter like this and my heart melts.

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