My first ink – the Guardian Angel

I have wanted to get a tattoo since I was in university about 10 years ago, but I have just never found anything that I liked enough to have as an indelible mark etched into my skin forever. I have searched through online tattoo galleries on and off for ages, but never found anything that inspired me. I always want the tattoo to have some meaning and not just because. I read this quote on Wenchy’s blog and it resonated with me:

[A] genuine tattoo…. tells a story. I like stories and tattoos, no matter how well done, and if they don’t tell a story that involves you emotionally, then they’re just there for decoration, then they’re not a valid tattoo. …There has to be some emotional appeal or they’re not, to my way of thinking, a real tattoo. It tells people what you are and what you believe in, so there’s no mistakes. ~Leo, tattooist, 1993, quoted in Margo DeMello, Bodies of Inscription, 2000

This tattoo tells a story:

The Design
I saw the tattoo name The Guardian Angel on line and fell in love with it straight away.
This is the design ready to take to the Tattoo artist
guardian angel,ankh

So it begins
They first do a line-art transfer and then checked that i was happy with where it was and what it would look like. I must admit to be very very nervous. Sharon and I went in the morning to see if they could help but the first appointment was at 6pm, I had the whole day to be nervous. No matter how much people tell you it is not so bad, not knowing what to expect made me very very nervous.


It really was not even half as bad as I thought it would be, I laughed and joked and smiled through out. It was nothing more than mildly annoying. The guy said I had a high pain threshold but I think 2 natural births without drugs, running comrades for 11 hours, and having my breast implants means that it was just not that bad compared to other things I have been through. It feels like someone scratching you.


He told me to get up not turn around and come look in the mirror before I showed Sharon for the final photo.
( it is on my right shoulder but there was a big mirror behind him as he worked so some of the pictures Sharon took of the mirror view so looks like it is on my left)



I love it! Totally love it, he asked before we started what i thought of having it shaded rather than solid as it is quite big and he was concerned that solid it would look very dark and heavy on a girl. I really really like the end result.

Thank you’s
A very big thank you to Sharon who came with me, I was nervous and having a friend along really helped and of course having her there to take the pictures was great.
To Cath, Alice,Tanya and everyone who saw the design before and encouraged me to do it. To Wenchy who sms’ed me good luck just before, to André who congratulated me on being brave. And of course to Aequitas for always thinking I am awesome and offering his support. I have the most amazing people in my life – guardian angels.

32 thoughts on “My first ink – the Guardian Angel

  1. Stunning 🙂 Very brave! I love the image you chose, and yes, the fact that it has meaning does make it worth it, and not an attempt to be “cool” hehe, more of an etching of part of your soul, bits of your journey, and what makes you you – waaaaaay cool. Well done!

  2. I am so very glad you found something you like and something that is meaningful to YOU.


    It looks very very nice and you wear your angel well…. in a strange way, I am proud of you. 🙂


  3. Tertia – go for it, getting something that has great meaning make it a very happy moment and really it is not sore.
    Gilz – So true 😉 It is across my bra strap line so for a few days I am not wearing a bra and they don’t move LOL
    Cazpi – it is an etching of the soul, you are right

  4. Angel – I am addicted I would do another tomorrow but they have to mean something to me so I guess it might be another 10 years

  5. You were very brave and handled the whole process like a pro. I was very proud to be there with you my friend and I’m so glad you like your photos. Now just remember the Prep and don’t scratch 😉

  6. That came out very nicely…I have the same thing you talked about in the beginning: I have always kind of wanted a tattoo but I have never come across one that I like so much I NEED to have it on me forever.

  7. Congratulations on finding the tatoo for you! That is rezlly what it is about! Missing you. Happy Christmas to you and the littl’uns from me and my littl’uns.

  8. Your tattoo looks very nice. My friend also told me that it feels like they are scratching you, but when I had mine done on my ankle, it felt more like lasers burning me. Perhaps it is my very, very low pain threshold

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  11. thanks so much for posting this… i have really been wanting that same guardian angel tattoo but hesitated because i didnt want it that dark… but i love that he shaded it in on you..

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