Things going on

There are loads of little things I wanted to say so I thought a point form blog would be best

– Aequitas asked me to be his +1 to a wedding in January, it made me silly happy, I grinned a lot!
– We only wrote to Father Christmas yesterday but after Rachel had discussed her list with Wenchy on Sunday it was actually quite easy and I think I might even have most of the stuff.
– I found the Tattoo I wanted yesterday and am very very excited about getting it it will be my first one. I have always wanted to get one but just never knew what to get, as soon as I saw this one I liked it and it has so much meaning for me. I want it more on my right shoulder than in the middle. Sharon has agreed to go with me and take some pictures on Monday – Yipee!
– It is my Nanny’s last day today before Christmas and I am not sure how we are going to survive without her, I am not a tidy person, I am always surprised she does not quit. Rachel and I beaded a necklace and some bracelets for her but i need to go buy some other little presents
– I am not ready for Christmas
– The kids and I are going to Sponge Bob next week, we got some free tickets and I think they will enjoy it.
– I wish I had more time to read, I have a new book from Aequitas as I am really keen to get into it. I hope I will have some time during my holiday to Cape Town
– Sharon brought me some Progesterone cream yesterday to try for my terrible PMS cramps and very irregular cycle, I so hope it works. I can’t have to spend 2 days in bed every cycle and never know when it is going to hit as it can be 20 days or 42 days.
– With only one week in CT and lots to do it is a bit of a juggling act to fit everyone in and also get a chance to relax.
– I was going to drive the kids to Cape Town but my mom was just too worried about me doing the drive alone and as part of the trip is meeting with people to discuss a really big idea for next year, she suggested that I fly and that she would keep the kids at home.
– I get to spend New Year with Aequitas 🙂
– I love Christmas cake – just saying.
– Please tell me what sort of foot prints Father Christmas leaves in South Africa? We always did the flour in the shape of a boot in England but I am not sure Rachel is going to buy that in hot South Africa.
– My mom is in England and coming home next week with my Pink Docs – I am very excited.
– I worked something out with a friend and it feel so much better now. It had been really stressing me out before, it was what I wanted to write the blog about but I actually don’t need to now.

Right, I am off to the bank, shop and post office.

7 thoughts on “Things going on

  1. I have asked Wenchy if she would mind if I sorta copy cat her… cause I toyed with the idea of one on my wrist… she was just quicker with the execution… So I got a hope on my wrist too… but it looks different from her…

  2. Erm… Let me explain… Hope,Faith and Love those three words are looking for a place on my body… somewhere… When I saw Wenchy’s I just knew…

    SO Hope and faith will be on both wrists… and love… well… I am still looking for love… 😉

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