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So there is a boy. In true Sally-Jane style it is not simple and straight forward but it is now far too much for me not to blog about it. One of my friends said to me that she did not need DSTV she had me

So Aequitas (his gamer name) has shaken my world up a little, well okay a lot. It started as a relationship of mutual benefit πŸ˜‰ I was needing to deal with coming out of a destructive marriage and find my feet financially and emotionally, he is a young game designer not look for complicated but we got on well and we had fun together and enjoyed what we had. Neither of us was looking at it as having the potential to be a relationship. We always said ‘It is what it is’ but slowly we started to realize that we actually really really like being together. We laugh and giggle and chat and discuss stuff all the time. He like to read – this is huge for me. He is smart we discuss and debate stuff and he knows a lot about things that interest me. He loves my pink hair, we go head banging together, he thinks my pink docs are awesome. I am learning to play games – I was even late with the supper the other day as Rachel and I were playing Torchlight.

He is very pragmatic, calm and does not get phased by me being a bit all over the place. He has met my kids and does not in anyway try to take over or interfere but he just gently supports me. He interacts with them and even taught Rachel to head bang. I know me having kids is a big thing for him. But he likes me enough to want to find a way through this. I know that for someone who has never had kids the chaos that is kids can be a bit overwhelming, but he has been calm throughout.

All sounds great right? well here comes the catch, he lives in Cape Town. Bummer! But as a lot of you know I have wanted to move to Cape Town for ages. Now I have extra incentive. So for now it is what it is with distance constraints but who knows what the future holds.

I am going to CT for new year, he has work up here the end of January so some how we will make it work.

P.S. Barbara once commented about how on quite a few blogs people refer to the men in their lives as boys, and she asked if this in some way is not rather derogatory and belittling. I hope not, because as much as I call Aequitas a boy he makes me feel young and like a girl with a bright future.

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  1. omg. we’re having symmetry now. i was reading this and was like “this sounds like me and shmooshy except shmooshy and i have known each other for years”

    this is awesome news. this is just awesome x

  2. That is so cool! I really hope it does work out for you two.

    If he makes you happy, then embrace it. It sounds as if he really likes you and the children and that he is happy with the situation you are in, with having 2 children.

    It also does sound to me that he really makes you feel young and “lus vir die lewe”.

    I say “go for it”

  3. WoW! How awesome is it that you have someone in your life right now! Enjoy the relationship for what it is… See… you already started to pick yourself up. Well done Sally!

    ps… I don’t know you but I like what you are doing for yourself.

  4. Enjoy the relationship and especially enjoy the games. Having Freddie has taught me just how much I love games and how much they were missing from my lfe. Have fun playing in every sense!

  5. Jane one of the nicest things is that although we can discuss really serious stuff, we can be really silly and just laugh and joke, and discovering the lighter side of life again is great. I am actually really enjoying playing game too.

    Sharon: it is guarded, but not too much πŸ˜‰

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