What to blog and not to blog

To those who blog and even those who don’t help me out here, my blog is a place for me to work out all the things that are in my head but so often I find I do not blog about stuff as I am worried about other people. Do you have this problem? What do you do?

Blog regardless? password protect it? don’t blog it at all? None of these seem quite right but I know that often when my thoughts are all over the show and I have said ‘I don’t know’ for the millionth time that writing it down might help.I am always very careful when talking about others on my blog and I tend to err on the side of vague but this time there is a whole lot going on in my brain.

I think these feelings may result in one public post that will be me sharing more about what is happening now in my life than I usually do, and one password post just to pour it all out.

I would love to hear if other people face this dilemma and what you do about it?

18 thoughts on “What to blog and not to blog

  1. I went through something similar with mine a while back when a lot of RL people I know started reading it. It led to a few months of the most boring and bland posts imaginable because I was extreme self-sensoring! Also very frustrating for me because suddenly I had nowhere to vent.

    In the end I decided that my blog is my online diary, and even people I know should realise that when you read someone else’s diary sometimes you’ll see stuff that you either don’t like or don’t agree with. And that’s just too bad – if they can’t deal with the real me and what’s rattling round in my head at times then they had better move along.

    The only concessions I make is that I never use real names anymore when I want to talk about people who shared an adventure with me, and as soon as something is either of a sexual or love related subject I put a password on to protect my poor lurking mother’s heart – but I stick them all in one category and they all have the same password. That way anyone else who wants the password can get to it, and mom stays blissfully ignorant. πŸ˜‰

  2. If what I want to say will negatively effect people I password protect it – like stuff about my mother as I suspect my delightful cousin reads me! And also stuff I know my ex could use against me – like the issues with Kiara when I want to say “I cant cope”.

    For the rest its MY space and MY emotions. Even David understands that! I respect him and his personal space and would never do anything I know made him uncomfortable!

    But again its MY space. MY journey and MY feelings – I cant censor those and dont want to!

  3. Thanks for the responses it is not that I care what light people see me in, I have been super emo before on my blog it is just that well it is complicated as always and I would hate to hurt someone. I am going to write both and then decide what to do with them

  4. Password protect it for sure. It is also not a password you will then need to give out πŸ˜› Some things are just for you – to vent. Other people may want, but don’t NEED access to your personal thoughts. I reckon if you keep it under lock and key, it is still vented, and won’t upset anyone.

  5. i think all bloggers at some point face this same problem. i, for example, have stuff i can’t legally blog about at the moment (NDA’s and all that) and so my blog is just painfully neglected and dusty.
    though, admittedly, i did start out blogging semi-anonymously. after a while i decided, effit! it’s my blog, it’s my space and i should be able to say what i want. it is difficult though when it involves other people, so maybe changing names will help. i know writing stuff down always helps with organizing thoughts and venting, but i think a large part of us having an “online diary”, is about sharing our head-space. doubt this helps, just my tuppence.

  6. I password protect my posts if they are of a sensitive nature, iether to me or to someone who may feel hurt by reading it. Sometimes though I write a post and it never gets published, just writing it down is enough…

  7. This is also a huge issue for me and the reason my blog is pretty bland. And I have yet to reach the point where I say “sod it” and just write what I’m thinking.
    Unfortunately, Blogger doesn’t have a password protected post option, and I’m actually seriously thinking about switching to WordPress because of this. Problem is I’m a bit clueless and don’t have the time/inclination to learn new tricks right now…

    Anyway, my point is that not blogging about it is extremely frustrating – almost defeats the purpose of having a personal blog…
    Password protect the posts you don’t want the whole world to see and allow yourself the space to vent.

  8. I agree password protect if you think it may offend someone or if it is personal and for your friends eye’s only. I also write a draft, save it and read it a few days later – most of the time I end up deleting it.

  9. This is your blog and you have created this space to let go… emotionally, verbally, (as in type) about what is happening in your life and how it affects you. Only password protect the piece if it will hurt you (as in there may be reprecussions)

    Otherwise… if people don’t want to read… then they should stay away.

  10. This is your blog and you have created this space to let go… emotionally, verbally, (as in type) about what is happening in your life and how it affects you. Only password protect the piece if it will hurt you (as in there may be repercussions) Otherwise… if people don’t want to read… then they should stay away.

  11. I sometimes just type it in a normal document and then delete it, but that sort of defeats the objective and then I have daaaayyyyssss of not posting anything on my blog, so that’s not a solution either.

  12. I will do the occasional password protected post for this reason. My family and friends read my blog, as do colleagues- so if I need to blow a gasket or get something off my chest it gets a password.

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