We are all ready for Christmas

I remember the most exciting thing to do each morning in December was to leap out of bed and check the advent calender my mom had made each of us. The presents were always tiny, a pencil, a chocolate, a coin etc but knowing she went to the effort to make them and buy all the little gifts to count down the days to Christmas with us in this special way is a memory that I will remember for ever.

It is a tradition that I now do with my kids, first Rachel and now this year Caleb is old enough to have his own advent calender which I made for him yesterday all ready for 1 December. I had fun shopping for the tiny gifts that will fill each tiny sock as we count down to Christmas together. This has been a big year of change for the 3 of us and while being a single mom is not easy and I know there are things they need in the future I might not be able to provide, for now we have survived and we are stronger and we are happy.

The calendars on my bed with example’s of the stuff that will go into them
advent calendar

advent calendar

On the cupboard with today’s gift – they woke at 5am to get it!!

Then we put up the Christmas Tree
kids helping with  Christmas tree

Rachel and Christmas Tree

pink hair girl and tree

My mom got the kids each one of these from Canada, they are now no more πŸ™ they kids took them off the tree when playing tody and they got smashed
snow globe Caleb

Rachel Christmas Tree Decoration

13 thoughts on “We are all ready for Christmas

  1. So sad about the globes – they made an impression on Rafe he asked on the way home if we have one and if not we must get one of those balls that you shake and have snow in them.
    We will be putting up some decorations tomorrow.
    The advent calenders are beautiful

  2. We put ours up last night!

    Sorry about the decorations πŸ™ They were so lovely!

    We are maybe going to Lawley street tonight to look at the lights – you guys must come with!

  3. Omg your advent calendars are awesome! What a great idea to have lil presents, it makes it so exciting! First time I heard of doing that, usually its just the store bought ones with crappy tasting chocolate, yours is so much better. If I ever have kids (and I’m not too lazy) I’ll do that for them while they’re young πŸ™‚

  4. Very proper my friend, my proper you are.

    I’ve decided to skip Christmas this year as we don’t have any kids and I am not a religious Wenchy. I am going big on New Year celebrations instead. πŸ™‚

  5. Love your calendars and what you fill them with. I found this cool one in 2005 and we have been using it since.

    We buy our own sweeties and chocolates to fill it with and there’s no waking up at 5am to get them in my house. Mine only dispenses after lunch-time. πŸ˜‰ It is fun and exciting and I love how into the countdown everyone gets and how they wait patiently and share so nicely too.

  6. Wow you are very talented. What a wonderful way to start the festive season with your two little ones. They are very lucky to have a mommy that cares so deeply for them. Enjoy the count down with your little angels.

  7. What a wonderful way to celebratethe lead up to Christmas. I’m still going “Bleh!” when I think about Christmas. But that’s mostly because of my own life issues. Usually I love Christmas and very keen to decorate, though not for religious reasons, but because it cheers my spirit.

  8. So beautiful. And nice to have something mom made. Good memories. Makes me sometimes wish we did christmas. But we decided agaisnt it and now have to stay with the decision. I’ll make something big of New Year.

  9. You are an inspiration my friend. After seeing yours I also made one for Joshua, but got a bit carried away and made it a little large. Oh well, tis done now, so I won’t have to make again. I blogged about it today.

  10. Those are gawjiss decorations… pity they’re broken now!
    My mommy darling gives each of her grandchildren a decoration along with their Christmas pressie every year. Damien’s have been stashed in a box for when he moves out one day.

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