On Tuesday I drove to the Mountain Sanctuary Park in the Magaliesbug to spend time with my good friends Ghilraen her kids and Anna and her kids. It was such a nice overnight get away. Here are some pics. I have spent ages trying to find a few non naked pics out of the 200+ i took. Most of the kids were naked ALL the time, it was so relaxed and wonderful, just what a childhood should be. But because this is a sick sick world we live in I can’t share them with you. I am wondering if I should do a password blog for some of the very cute naked ones and share them only with people I know – what do you think? ( Ghilraen and Anna I will make a disk for you guys with all the pics)

view from the house
view from house

the house

Meelah and Caleb playing cars
oh look a nice track for my car

rope swing
Rachel on rope swing

Titus on rope swing

Rachel on rope swing

river fun
kids in the river

zoe slidding on rocks




Callie and Meelah

story time

Mama Love
mama love

mama love

Ghilraen and Meelah

around the house

Titus and Aehdyn beading

David and Caleb


kids helping with breakfast

zoe making eggs

Zoe and Mika

Caleb in the bath with 3 girls – could you get a naughtier face?
caleb and the girls

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