All I want for Christmas

I had a whole list of geeky things that I wanted for Christmas, I am surprised by how rapidly I am embracing my inner geek. I wanted a GPS, new phone, better laptop, iPod etc etc the list goes on and on, that was until today. Now there is only one thing I want for Christmas! How totally awesome are these?

Pink Doc Martens

Pink Docs

I am in love!

16 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas

  1. i owned a green and red pair a few years ago, and of course the obligatory black ones.
    now, i have cut it down to two pairs of shoes in red an blue instead of multicoloured boots… i do miss them sometimes!

  2. It’s not frivolous if you buy them for yourself, just think of how happy they’ll make you feel everytime you wear them, that’s worth it. If you see something and loveeee it and really, really want it, and it isnt too expensive then its not frivolous 🙂

    Hope by now you’ve ordered them! keep us updated. I still have my black 8 hole ones and the higher ones.

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  4. You could die knowing your life was complete, wearing those.
    I wouldn’t choose pink for myself- in some places that would still be likely to speed up death with violence and name-calling.
    Must see what other colours are out there.

  5. Go for it, Sally-Jane!!! Wow.
    Would like some in orange, though. Decided that’s my new colour for now. After I bought orange bottles of sjampoo and cond and it made my day just to go into the shower every morning.
    Wouldn’t say it would fit in my wardrobe

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