balcony revamp – before pics

If you have been reading this blog for the last few weeks you have heard me go on about my balcony ad nauseam, so feel free to skip this post as it is really arb, but there are some quite cute pics of my piglet so worth a quick scroll down.

So I have decided that my lovely balcony needs a bit of a face lift to make it a bit more aesthetically on par with the emotional awesomeness it already has.

This is my balcony from the street, and the fat dog Stanley and my car newly named Fred by Rachel ( Freddy actually and she like this because she has a friend Freddy in England who she misses a lot)

There are a few little things on it like this wire sun which needs some candels

these little dragonflies which Rachel likes

but for the rest it is pretty bare

This pot could do with a proper non-weed variety plant

My sister made these angels for my mom, they are not very big as you can see by the size comparison to my hand, but I love the idea and think I will cut bigger ones and mosaic them for the walls.


So my shopping list for my balcony is:
wooden wind chimes
wood for angels
mosaic tiles and grout
chair and small table

These are just some random pics I took of me and the kids while we were out on the balcony

Only got one of Caleb as he was running away most of the time, I have quite a few of the back of his head
piglet,caleb,son,cute boy


Our family – momma love
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