The thing about holidays

We spend ages looking forward to holidays we build up an expectation of how great they are going to be and the fantastic stuff we are going to do. We have plans to come back refreshed and ready to face the world again.

The thing is that real life does not stop because you go on holiday, it is not like you get to leave yourself behind and just stop thinking or worrying about the stuff that raced around in your brain before you left. Actually remove the normal everyday chaos and some of those thoughts just seem to get a megaphone and crank up the volume.

See I am wise to this sneaky holiday trick so I went prepared and it was nothing like I expected, my thoughts were loud and at times very intrusive but I let them run their course. Eventually they get hoarse and or you just get used to the idea that you might as well embrace the noise and stop fighting against it. I thought too much, rested too little, had loads of fun, laughed more than I have in ages, cried lots of tears, filled my soul with quite moments spent looking at some of the most breath taking places on earth.

But because I am me and what makes me tick is people, it was the people in the end of the day who made my trip to CT the rollercoaster of awesomeness that it was. Time alone was great but I can only do it in small doses. People and their stories and laughter and madness – that is what fills my soul and makes me ready to face my life again.

To all the people I met in CT – thank you. I’ll be back…

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P.S To Barbara: more than business partner, more than just a friend, my gratitude has no words big enough. You rock hard!

16 thoughts on “The thing about holidays

  1. giggles at rock hard … I am such a child it makes me laugh every time.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx anytime rasberrybean, though next time you may need to drop them off by me and tour bots 😉

    love you like pink sea-wind blown hair

  2. We had such a good time at the party, even before you arrived- it was an excuse for us all to hang out and have fun, but then you arrived, and it was like having a real guest of honour- so many people wanting to meet you, and having a good time. I love this virtual world, especially when it overflows into the real world. Incredible meeting you- you are as lovely in person as you are online- no fakeness/pretension. Come back soon.

  3. Sharon: Hahaha do you think CT can do us on mass?
    Yme- I am learning Capetonia’s can’t plan, i will just have to be there longer next time to fit in all the ‘oh we will make a plan’ people in
    Wenchy – it is good to be back, but I must admit CT got under my skin
    Scott – what a nice thing to say – i love it when people think I am the same on line and IRL
    Barb – rock hard is a legend now

  4. What a stunning picture – and post! You should look at pictures of you a year ago and compare to pictures of you now… the transformation is amazing (and you know I dont mean the boobs and the hair)

    • Thanks T, this picture is happy to right deep down inside me. I find it sad though that so many people see the change in me and attack me for it

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