Pink hair nurse

As a lot of you know I am a nurse and midwife by training but these days I amuse myself with my fabulous natural on-line baby company Earth Babies but the time has come that I might need to supplement my income a little. So I have been weighing up the idea of doing night duty.

I am Palliative care trained – care of terminally ill. I worked and taught at hospice here in SA and the UK. Doing some night duty shifts at the hospice where I used to work would pay me resonably well for the time spent and with it only being 7 beds it would be a nice way to ease back into nursing. I have not actually nursed in 5 years. I am not that fond of the hands on part but it will be nice to work with patients and their families again. I am very good at that. Not everyone is comfortable with death and dying but to me helping make someone’s last days as good as they can be is a privileged and honor. Symptom and pain control is a vast field of knowledge in palliative care and will be a great get back into it.

So this brings we on to my question. I have pink hair, for my current job it does not matter but if you or one of your family members was dying would it matter to you? Please be honest and if brave enough leave a comment as to why you voted like you did. Thanks