Things they don’t tell you about new Boobs

The new boobs have been around since 6 August so almost 3 month and I know I have said it before but I love them, really really love them.

– Everyone says that they are not going to change your life but well actually they do! Not in the big solve-all-your-problems kind of way but rather more subtly by changing the way you feel about yourself. This has a huge impact on the way you interact with the world around you. Self confidence and the ability to project one’s self in a positive way to others should not be reliant on looks but lets face it you feel way better on the day when you look good in your business meeting than the morning you wake up to find the horror of a enormous pimple on the end on your nose.

– Being able to try on bras and actually find some that fit and you have enough to actually fill is a fantastic feeling. Bra shopping went from one of the things I most loathed and dreaded to being fun. I love buying new pretty bras for my new boobs. I even got some matching sets so I can be proper like Laura and Wenchy 😉

– Fake boobs are sometimes colder than the rest of you. I have 400cc of silicone in each breast, there was not much there to start with as you can see here so I guess with that much silicone just under a thin muscle they feel the cold more.

– The scar was really really hard in the beginning and I was worried that it would stay like that, but the wonders of bio oil and the bodies own amazing ability to heal means that the scar area is soft now and a lot less visible, yes you can still see it, but not enough that it ever bothers me.

– Fake boobs are like public property, people are curious and want to feel them. I am really okay with this, so ask. And I am talking about an over clothes lets see what they feel like kind of feel. The other kind of feeling is not open to everyone. But seriously if you are curious just ask.

– People are so much more supportive than I had ever imagined, or maybe those who think it was a crap idea just shut up. Thank you to everyone that supported me.

– It feels different to hug with boobs.

– Mine are now a full B boarding on a C but just not quite, it is a great size for me and I love them. Running would have been harder with them being that much bigger, but secterly boob greed is real, once you have them you always want a little more.

– I have lost crumbs down my top for the first time in my life.

– You can walk around all day with a mark on your top that is just under boobs so out of line of sight and not notice until you look in the mirror later.

– Loosing sensation was a big worry for me, but it has not been a problem, in fact having more for someone to play with and know they enjoy them too means it is actually even more fun.

– I never knew how much I would love looking at them and touching them just to know they are there. If I walk past a mirror or my reflection in glass I have to stare, it is like a pinch me is this real moment. ‘Are those nice boobs really mine?’

– Wearing and shopping for clothes that are made to fit a female frame with some shape is now fun, I have not had huge amounts of money to spend on new tops but those that show them off a bit are now fun to wear and will add more as and when the budget allows.

– Doing something like these boudoir photos becomes an option you consider instead of something you would never dream of in a million years.

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