It’s on top

This all started on Angle’s FaceBook and then it went out and populated
I got tagged by Zola237
So you have to post a picture of your desktop.

I used to have a picture of my kids for obvious reason but when I got my disk of photos from Colleen and the boudoir photo shoot she did for me I put this one up. I know it is a little odd to have a picture of yourself on your desktop maybe even a little vain but you have no idea how much those photos have done for me. I was not in a good place about my body after I left my 8 year marriage and since having my boobs done and having the confidence to do the photo shoot I think I might be able to start seeing what others see. It has been a healing process. I should post some more of the great pics Colleen took on the blog actually as I think every woman should do it, no matter what you look like Colleen will make you look and feel like a million bucks. In the mean time some of the shoot can be seen here


I am not going to tag anyone as I think a lot of you have been tagged already but if you have not then please consider yourself tagged and show us what you have on your desktop.

10 thoughts on “It’s on top

  1. Everyone must say “I dont know why you werent in a good place with your body” but its a personal thing I get it, anyways I dont know why either! Your body looks great, I cant believe you have kids, your stomach is so flat and looks great! Do you work out? If so what do you do?

    I also have a picture of myself as my desktop background 🙂 I had acne and was insecure and didnt think I was pretty until late in life, now I’m looking my best ever so I put a pic I took on Saturday up 🙂

    That pic is really awesome. where’s the stretch marks and cellulite!??! you lucky thing you!

  2. Angel and Zola – thank you
    Alet – I have grown so so much, it has been quite a year
    Wenchy – think anyone will notice if i just wander around naked all the time 😉
    Diddle – I was 10kg heavier when i cam back from the UK and had heard negative things about myself for 8 years, it was hard to break out of that. the only exercise I do is running. There are actually stretch marks in that pic on my hips but I was lucky I did not get many with pregnancy.

  3. Geez 8 years of hearing horrible things is 8 years too many, it can have deep psychological effects. I hope now you know you’re cute, he was talking crap obviously because he was insecure/mean/jealous to control you. His comments weren’t based on any fact.

  4. Wow! Hun, if I looked like you I dont think I’d ever leave the house. It would be me, BOB and pizza deliveries. You are unbelievably gorgeous.

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