It’s on top

This all started on Angle’s FaceBook and then it went out and populated
I got tagged by Zola237
So you have to post a picture of your desktop.

I used to have a picture of my kids for obvious reason but when I got my disk of photos from Colleen and the boudoir photo shoot she did for me I put this one up. I know it is a little odd to have a picture of yourself on your desktop maybe even a little vain but you have no idea how much those photos have done for me. I was not in a good place about my body after I left my 8 year marriage and since having my boobs done and having the confidence to do the photo shoot I think I might be able to start seeing what others see. It has been a healing process. I should post some more of the great pics Colleen took on the blog actually as I think every woman should do it, no matter what you look like Colleen will make you look and feel like a million bucks. In the mean time some of the shoot can be seen here


I am not going to tag anyone as I think a lot of you have been tagged already but if you have not then please consider yourself tagged and show us what you have on your desktop.