Vibrator reviews – the idea

Female masturbation is not a topic we often talk about but seeing as I am going the BOB ( battery operated boyfriend) route for a while I need a little variety in my life as much as any other sex life does, so it seemed like the perfect time to expand my range of DIY toys.

If like me you have a limited budget, the endless choice of gadgets promising to vibrate, pulse, tickle and tantalize you into mind blowing orgasms can be a little confusing. So I had an idea the best thing ever would be if I could set up a vibrator review service with my personal unbiased recommendations, but I don’t see a whole host of companies knocking at my door asking me to review their sex toys, so I thought maybe we could see who has what and what you recommend and I can post them here on the blog anonymously – unless you don’t mind your name next your review. I will get the pictures and everything and we can link to a site where they can be purchased – gosh they should pay me commission 😉

So come ladies lets share. Can I have a photo if you have one (not in use please, we have to pretend to have some decorum here) and your review. Email them to