My weekend

This weekend

– I bought my first packet of cigarette in 10 years, and no I am not going to start smoking but I hate bumming smokes and every now and again I feel like I want one. I am quite disappointed in myself but hey. When you only smoke occasionally you still get that cool head rush. At R30 a box though there is no way this can become a habit again.

– I realized again the power of friends, I have GREAT friends. To Tanya, there were nights this week that I would not have gotten through without you, I wish you lived closer but I guess being where you are meant you were awake when I needed someone to chat to. To Barbara for letting me cry and being so amazingly kind, to Laura who always lets me tell my story and offers wise words and to Heather who just understand things no one else does. And to all the others who just quietly support me – I am blessed.

– Right after I posted my blog on guys just wanting me, I got an sms, it was about midnight, from a friend I have not seen in over 5 years. “Dude it is not okay when stoned to ask me for sex especially when you have been married for only 6 months. Don’t play that game, everyone gets hurt – trust me I know.” It did serve to reinforce my idea of being only wanted for one thing.

– I am sticking to a BOB ( battery operated boyfriend) they might not be able to hold you and kiss you which I so badly want but at least they can’t withhold the truth or cheat either. That reminds me I need to get more batteries. Now if I had spare money (like that is going to happen soon) then i would get one of these. I saw it at the sexpo at the Matilda’s stand

But this weekend I did manage to do one positive thing.
I started this mosaic table ages and ages ago but have just not been motivated to finish it, but on Saturday I did. I needed to keep busy.

mosaic butterfly

( I ran out half way and had to dash out to builders quickly)
mosaic,mosaic,butterfly coffee table,mosaic butterfly

mosaic,mosaic,butterfly coffee table,mosaic butterfly

mosaic butterfly

half way through cleaning
mosaic butterfly

mosaic butterfly