want me

I did not have a good day yesterday. Barbara kindly invited me and the kids over to watch movies and patiently listened to my heart ache and offer kind words through my tears.

We watched Sunshine Cleaners.

There was one part where I so identified with the main character, she says ‘I am good at getting men to want me, not to date me or marry me but just to want me’.

Well no more, you either want me, all of me as imperfect as I am or please leave me alone. No I don’t expect marriage proposals and I am wise enough to know that not every date will lead to a relationship, BUT don’t even start to talk to me unless you are serious about the possibility of something more.

4 thoughts on “want me

  1. Its just to find someone who feels the same way that you do – who is in the same frame of mind.

    You have to wade through the shit to get to the meddow

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