We all fall down

And just like that it all falls down.
You have picked yourself up and dusted off and are ready to believe that maybe just maybe there is a glimmer of hope a chance not to be so lonely. Maybe there is a chance to have someone hold you and care about you. Someone to laugh with someone to make you smile and love you imperfectly. No promises of everything just a hope for something and then just like that it is all not what it seemed.

I have no idea what to think any more. Is there ever a point where me for me is okay and enough? Amazing how the excitement of Tuesday can all dissolve so quickly. I just don’t want to cry any more tears.

Until I know what to do I am going to do nothing. I am just going to focus on me these next few weeks. Me and the universe are NOT friends any more. There could not have been a worse thing to happen right now.