Dear Universe – thank you

No more emo! Pack it up and ship it out, I have had enough. Laura keeps telling me that happiness is a choice but I was dragging my feet and quite enjoying wallowing in my own stupid self pity. The lessons I learned were painful but necessary and I am now ready to face the challenges of life with a smile again. Look, don’t get me wrong, not for one minute do I think that times of being down will not happen, but we get one shot at this life, one chance to be all we can be.

I am grabbing it with both hands and shoving as much as I can into it, yes I want to do the things on my list and more and there are loads of places I want to see and things I would love to have, but this is not really what I want the most. It is the people, beautiful, crazy, amazing people that make it worth while. Everyone has such a unique story to tell and for me it is now being open enough to see what they bring to your my life and what you can bring to theirs.

I am glad that I tore up the list and abandoned the idea that I have any notion what so ever as to what I need. This applies to all people that I meet, not just potential dates. I am setting aside preconceived ideas and I am open to experiences.

You know that letter I was supposed to write to the universe. I never did, I thought about it and all I said quietly in my soul was that I had absolutely no idea what I needed and no idea what to say. Well lets say that the people who have touch my life since then are so unexpected and I have so much to learn. I am excited!