All for a Reason?

I am so not a completer finisher, I actually have just gotten up in the middle of doing something else because this just needed to be written right now. I had to write a Bio on my self recently and I said that ‘I write because I have to’, and it is so true sometimes the thoughts that spin loudly around in my head just need a place to come out.

So last night someone threw a curve ball at me, I was so not expecting what they told me, one of those ‘not in a million years’ would I ever even imagined this scenario. How cool is that? Not the situation because that is sad and brave and a show how beautiful people really can be, but the unpredictability of life. I was lost for words at first and if you know me you will know that this is a rare occurrence. Most of us hate change and hate things out of the normal but I am beginning to learn to embrace it and see that there is only one constant in life it is change. Being alive is awesome and I love it when my preconceived ideas about people and situations are challenged.

So when something hugely unexpected happens what do you do? Do you let it go past and happen in a calm way that the person planned or do you think that just maybe people cross paths at the right time and for a reason. I choose the later, I threw a curve ball straight back. I am not totally sure of the response yet but it does not matter, it has served to highlight for me the power we can have in each others lives and that the damage we caused in some lives might be atoned for in others. Well at least I hope so.

I apologies for the cryptic nature of this blog but for now and maybe for always it is needed, this is not my story to share, just to maybe walk alongside and offer what support I can.

Do you believe that people cross your path at a certain time for a reason?