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While hauling innumerable books out of boxes during the much loved process of unpacking I came across my old Dream Diary. The one I wrote during Varsity at a time when life lay ahead full of promise and hope, and anything seemed possible. Not the kind of dream diary that you write your weird and wonderful night dreams in and try to figure out what deeper meaning there may be to being chased by aliens or landing up in a business meeting naked. No rather the kind that Jack Nicholson’s Character in ‘The Bucket List’ movie has, the list of things you want to do before you die.

The book opens with this ‘The top of the world is not a mountain. It’s a place inside you from where you look out and decide to sit and watch, or put on your shoes and dance.’ I feel like I have been sitting and watching too long. I need to learn to dance again.

My list has not had that much crossed off it yet, some are very cliché but you have to forgive me I was young:

– Run comrades marathon – done
– see U2 live – done
– fly over Serengeti in a hot air balloon
– cocktails watching the sun set on a tropical island
– safari through Africa
– See the Pyramids
– Coffee in a Parisian cafe – done
– Fly overseas – done
– Sky Dive
– Fall in love totally, completely and forever
– Kiss passionately on New Year
– ski – done
– see snow – done
– learn to play the piano
– dive
– Travel travel travel – I have done a bit, not nearly enough yet.

I wonder what I would add now? what does your bucket list look like?

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  1. Some of the things I’d like to have on my “bucket list” would be
    – Move to England
    – Tour Europe
    – Go on a cruise ship (at first it was for making money, now only for pleasure)
    – Run my own business, and be my own boss
    – Get married on a beach on the Greek isles with sand between my toes then have a family holiday afterwards

    As you can see, none of these have been ticked off yet, but I hope to have these all done in the next five years MAX!

    I don’t think its money that holds us back, but US that holds us back!!!

  2. Nice list keep adding … had to giggle when reading it as mine would be soooooooo boring in comparison I can never think of things like that. that i would want to do. I am so a in the here and now one day at a time person and not a dreams for the future person.

  3. Lovely list – my diaries, and most of my dreams were burned when my ex decided that I didn’t need memories of my past and threw them all into a fire when iwas out one day.

    I am going to drive on Route 66 with my DH before we hit 50 – that’s our dream – a three month road trip of the states.

  4. Cazpi – come tell us what is on your list when it is done
    Tam – great ones you have, and you are right it is us that holds us back
    Barb – everyones list is what is important to them, it would not be boring for you.
    Colleen – What a horrible thing to do! I think you should start a new one. The road trip and route 66 sounds wonderful.

  5. Oh lol now you are just being nice … trust me it would be boring.

    Col the road trip sounds nice … Cars makes it look really romantic haha

    Tam sounds like you have the plan and drive to do them all.

  6. Babes I think that we all go through that quiet phase of merely watching life after high school (or college – i never went to college!). We all go through that phase where we retreat a little while trying to figure out things. And then one day you realize that you can’t sit around waiting to discover yourself – you actually have yo go out there and create yourself. Lists like this are awesome. Within them they hold the power to make you smile, if only for a moment, as you think of sky diving and travelling and hot air balloons. Then one day you think “I’ve never sat on a park bench during my lunch hour” or “I’ve never walked on the beach alone” or any number of things. Then you start to do them. Next thing you know you’re eating melted ice cream out of your hand and laughing until you stop breathing with a complete stranger. Those little things make those big dreams look so much smaller and more do-able. It’s like the Universe decides that she quite likes seeing you smile. And suddenly out of nowhere you find yourself in a rented convertible driving down Route 66 and stopping to hose yourself at the absurdity of the world’s largest ball of yarn.

  7. thanks girlz 🙂 you’ve been inspirational to chat to…
    We have a lot going for us, we’re helathy and why not?
    I agree with Barb about living in the here & now. But dreaming alwys takes things to the next level so we can bring it here & now.
    So start dreaming 🙂

  8. Tam – go for it
    Nayes – so true, you know even if I never get to do all or even half of them it is about having the guts to dream them and to seek the little joys in life. I was thinking about the things I would add now and you are right they are so much more about the small moments, the fun and the peace of living life to the full even in the here and now. The list would look different now but maybe that is another blog all on it own with the updated slightly more mature list.

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