I have a dream

While hauling innumerable books out of boxes during the much loved process of unpacking I came across my old Dream Diary. The one I wrote during Varsity at a time when life lay ahead full of promise and hope, and anything seemed possible. Not the kind of dream diary that you write your weird and wonderful night dreams in and try to figure out what deeper meaning there may be to being chased by aliens or landing up in a business meeting naked. No rather the kind that Jack Nicholson’s Character in ‘The Bucket List’ movie has, the list of things you want to do before you die.

The book opens with this ‘The top of the world is not a mountain. It’s a place inside you from where you look out and decide to sit and watch, or put on your shoes and dance.’ I feel like I have been sitting and watching too long. I need to learn to dance again.

My list has not had that much crossed off it yet, some are very cliché but you have to forgive me I was young:

– Run comrades marathon – done
– see U2 live – done
– fly over Serengeti in a hot air balloon
– cocktails watching the sun set on a tropical island
– safari through Africa
– See the Pyramids
– Coffee in a Parisian cafe – done
– Fly overseas – done
– Sky Dive
– Fall in love totally, completely and forever
– Kiss passionately on New Year
– ski – done
– see snow – done
– learn to play the piano
– dive
– Travel travel travel – I have done a bit, not nearly enough yet.

I wonder what I would add now? what does your bucket list look like?