Notches in the Bedpost

So I was having a discussion with Barbara about the number of sexual partners I have had in my life time and that now being single this number is probably going to grow. It is really not a big deal to me. I know that if a future partner ever asks you are supposed to lie lie deny but really is it that important? They say men add a few to their number and women take off a few. Still shows how it is more okay in our society for men to have been with more women than visa versa.

Today Barbara sent me a poll about Notches in the bed post from a parenting forum and maybe I just need to make myself feel better but surely the biggest group are not those with 3 partner or less?

How many notches would appear on your bedpost?
0 – 3 42% [ 28 ]

4 – 6 18% [ 12 ]

7 – 10 11% [ 7 ]

11 – 15 12% [ 8 ]

16 – 20 3% [ 2 ]

21 – 25 3% [ 2 ]

26 – 30 0% [ 0 ]

31 – 35 2% [ 1 ]

36 – 40 0% [ 0 ]

40 and over 9% [ 6 ]

I decided to conduct my own little poll and lets see how the results compare. Guy please vote so we can get a better idea of the true average as I don’t think it should matter if you are a guy or girl.

And then lastly does the number matter?

21 thoughts on “Notches in the Bedpost

  1. It used to matter to me, but now that I’m in a stable relationship I don’t care anymore…it doesn’t matter to me, as long as the number doesn’t grow anymore!

    • Goblin – I think if people do ask each other this they must be prepared for the answer and realize that you can’t un-know something.
      Kyra- that was what i thought until I seperated from my husband and now am in the process of divorce
      Yme – I know but I wanted a general one, maybe next time 😉

  2. I am not one for counting.. in fact I plead the fifth if asked cos it is no-ones business but mine and my guava’s..

    And if the questions persist I will thumbsuck a ghastly figure like 278 but thats only the ones I could “o” face with.. 😉

    Its not how many people you pomp.. but more of how many different techniques you could master along the way 😉

    P.S. Where is the Subscribe to comments?? 😉

  3. I am in the under 3 marker and happy with that – it is due to choice.
    My husband has had more – I do want to know the number but not the details of where, when, how and why.

    The number is important for me 1. from a safety perspective, 2. for me I suppose it also tells me something about the person – I know people dont like hearing that but it is simply one of those things in life to some it does matter.

  4. I do not think it matters how much sexual partners one had although my hubby do think it matters but still when he asked, I was brutally honest in how many sexual partners I had.

  5. Bridget – I am with you on all that matters is techniques learned along the way

    Barbara – so at what number are you not going to talk to me? 😉

    zola – how did he respond?

  6. I suppose it should’t matter in today’s society but it does matter to me. I agree with Barbara that if I’m involved (romantically) with someone then I need to know his ‘history’ because it does reveal something of their character and their values. What my friends do is entirely up to them, I won’t judge or condemn, but I probably won’t ‘join the party’ either.

  7. I think that it doesn’t matter. I really don’t care how many partners my partner has had and quite frankly I don’t think that it is any of his business how many partners I’ve had. I would never ask a question like that and I would never answer a question like that because, as I’ve just pointed out, it’s irrelevant. I am only interested in whether they always practice safe sex. More than that I don’t need to know.

  8. I think it is relevant having an idea of how many, exact figures aren’t important. I’m probably more concerned about the nature of the encounters, i.e. serious or flings. But I agree, it’s never worth asking for more details or placing too much emphasis on it, because curiosity can eat at you and ultimately destroy a relationship…

  9. Well my Dh has had 3 – including me. I have had substantially more. It makes me feel yuck knowing I am easier than him hahaha. But also glad that he isn´t easy 😛 Sounds warped, I know. I don´t think numbers makes a MAJOR difference. I had to know, and he had to be honest – honesty is all that counts.

  10. when I am actually able to say Ménage à trois correctly then I will be ‘old’ enough to have one – but since I cannot pronounce trait properly either I think we are all safe from that hahaha

  11. Laura – you and me both
    Julia – thing is I have been asked before, if people ask they must be prepared to know.
    Clarence – hahaha sorry it was not more specific after 50+
    Yme – why would knowing have any impact at all, details sure, but just a number how can that destroy a relationship?
    Damaria – i know it is scary, I found this shows you the number of indirect sexual partners you have had
    Cazpi – does a higher number make you easy? As long as you are good together I can’t see why it matters either way
    Barbara – sure we can find you an on line pronunciation

  12. I’ve had just over 10, and I’m very happy. It’s not enough to make me a slut and it’s not too few to make me think I “haven’t lived”

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