I won!!

This is take-2 on today’s blog, the other is left in my drafts and I am sure it is where it should stay. Just far too much emo-ness going on in it and I am guess there are very few people that really want to read any more emo here, so lets stick to all the rad things that happened today.

1) my boobs went for their 6 week check up and have been given the all clear to run. I bought them a new running bra called the Shock Absorber Hahaha not that they move anywhere anyway! Running here we come
2) I won R1000 Woolies voucher from Women24 for re-tweeting their competition! I have never won anything in my life so this is really cool.
3) Had 2 good business meetings today – exciting things happening all round. I just wish I knew more about websites and SEO than I do. I should have studied computers not nursing.
4) I bought some nice pink shoes but am considering not going to what I was going to wear them to.

Seeking the positive and I know these are all good things so lets just focus on them.