Yesterday we went to a blog girls meet up at Ngwenya Glass Village. What a nice setting for a relaxed afternoon of chatting and laughing. I did not get a chance to look around all the little craft shops – well to be honest it would have been an unnecessary temptation with an empty purse! But I really want to go again and take my mom as I think she would enjoy it. It was lovely to chat and the kids could run around and play. I got to meet some of the people that I have not met IRL before which always makes reading and sharing their blog journeys that much more real and meaningful.

A pink hair first: a old man walking past asked if he could just touch my hair Hahahaha, I have had plenty of people ask to feel the new boobs since I got them, but this is the first request to feel my hair!

But the disconcerting part was near the end, Laura was staying in Jhb and I was taking all the many many kids home. She had left and the kids were still playing while we sorted out the last of the bill and got gathered up to leave. Kiara and Rachel come running over to me to say that a man has put Kiara’s toy dog in his car! They are visibly upset so I got up and walked over to where Cameron was to get the rest of the story. They say the dog was on the ground near them while they were playing and a man picked it up and put it in his car. They showed me the man in his late 50’s early 60’s I guess. He was chatting so some other people so I went over and asked if he had her dog. He said he did and walked to the car to get it. He said he found it and was going to hand it in at the desk but could not find anyone to give it to?!??!! What??? There were restaurant staff all over the place! I found it really really weird that he put it in his car while the kids watched him do this.

Needless to say I gathered the kids and left quite quickly. I could not figure out if he had spoken to the kids or not but Cam was very insistent that he told the girls to come straight to tell me and not to talk to the man. GO CAM!! We spoke about it in the car and about how they had all done the right thing coming to call me and not talking to the man. It is sucky that the world we live in makes it necessary to have these types of conversations with our kids.

Am I over reacting here or is that just creepy odd behaviour??

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  1. HELL NO you are not overreacting! That is VERY suspicious and you can NEVER be too careful with your children!

    I’m really glad that they came to you instead of trying to get the dog back by themselves. Go mom!

  2. This is not the 1960’s or the 1980’s where the extend and horror of child kidnappings and worse were not widely acknowledged and known. That old man was what? just clueless? He just felt he could not trust the resturant staff? We have an unacceptably high number of child related crimes in this country the profile of the scum that commit these crimes range from old fat cuddly men who play father xmas in kids hospital wards to full on gangsters. You did the right thing all round. Good on the kids for being savvy and good on the parents for keeping them savvy.

  3. Bit of both, IMHO.

    People are too quick to judge everyone as a potential paedophile/mugger whatever these days, but sadly, you can’t be too careful. Your “Cam” did the right thing – no doubts there. But this situation was probably completely innocent.

    • thanks everyone for your comments.
      I hate that one even has to think about these things and 6000 I totally get that I might have been over reacting and that he might have not had any bad intentions at all, but it just suck that there is a possibility that he was not so innocent. Should that possibility change the way we parent?

  4. Seriously creepy behaviour.

    Well done Cam and teh girls for coming straight to you.

    It is very scary that these are the times we live in and we have to talk to our kids about these things. Takes away from their childhood and innocence.

  5. I agree, no overreaction. I think he knew exactly what he wanted to do and was trying very hard. Very creepy and a wake-up call to the rest of us. I know I’m sometimes to relaxed and am not vigilant enough.

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  7. Well Done Cameron!!!! that man’s a creepy old b@stard.
    I know he wanted to take the doggy to a little child he has tied up in his backyard shed.

  8. I thought you left in a bit of a hurry!
    That is scary, scary! I am glad everyone is okay and that no real harm was done! Think it is always better to act immediately, even if it may feel a bit “dramatic”.

  9. Considering our most recent unexpected encounter with just how close a child molester can be and how unthreatening they can appear my current motto is view everyone as suspect.
    Putting a child’s toy in your car in a public place is illogical behaviour – leave it where it is or put it on a table where they might find it – THERE IS NO WAY THEY CAN FIND IT IN YOUR CAR SO WHY PUT IT THERE! … unless you want them to come to your car. F*ckhead!!!!
    You should be proud of your kids they reacted responsibly.

  10. I used this as a talking point with Simeon and spoke to him about something like that happening and waht he should do. It’s so sad that we have to this but so important, as anything can happen. Specially when you have two or more kids to watch.

  11. I’m so sorry I missed it, I just wasn’t feeling up to it. Gosh that is scary and 6000 I think your comment is a total “under” reaction. Clearly you either live in a fool’s paradise or you do not have kids of your own. Go Cam you clever boy – mommy taught you well. And well done Sal for confronting the dirty old *&^%. I hope someone does report him to the police, what he did was sick!

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